Privat Bank of Kolomoisky gives credit cards to schoolkids


March 21, 2015
Da Dzi
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Privat” tricks: Now came the turn of schoolchildren

And here’s another story about a [email protected] Privat Bank.

One day my son came from school, and happily reported that soon, the school will establish a card access system and will record who and when came and went, and, in addition, the cards can be used in the cafeteria to pay for pirozhki. Sort of how things work in an aqua-park. However, he said there will be two cards. I thought he confused something and even was pleased with the innovations. However, I was expecting that they will start to collect money for this system. But they didn’t. Collected signatures that parents don’t mind. Here is when it was time to begin to worry.

Today on the way to work, my wife said that she got a call from a bank asking whether we will sign up for the “Junior” card, to which my clever wife said “of course not” and don’t even continue. Well I praised her wits, of course, and kept driving.

Upon arrival to the school, I noticed that our kid was really upset. Started asking him and realized that this is due to the fact that we won’t get a card in the bank and he will be “like an outcast” without a card in school buying pirozhki for cash.

And here it came together.

Reassured the child somehow and immediately went online. What we found out:

The credit line on the card will be limited to 300 UAH. But at 4% per month. Next multiply for yourself, how much per year? The likelihood that kids will take this opportunity is 100%.

The likelihood that many parents will not understand why they are called by collectors, also high.

I went to the principal. He pretended that he was not aware of the credit and interest. And maybe really he didn’t know. He bought into the ability to install a control system over children. I understand him. In the end, everyone needs to understand for himself what he signs and how it would end. But what is the scheme?

And here I am wondering about the legality of this. 

1. Initially, it was not explained that in addition to the installation in the school of a system of monitoring of attendance, credit cards will be issued.

2. Personal data collected from parents have been transferred to third parties, which is a direct violation of the law.

3. Yes, I am very worried that many citizens, who do not really understand the intricacies of credit services provided by the bank, will end up in a situation where they will not be able to repay the credit and will owe more than they can repay. We can safely say that these services are imposed, which is also illegal.

4. Why such activities are conducted within the walls of public schools?

The father is wondering about the legality of this innovation in schools. But what kind of law can we talk about when this is “PrivatBank” and Benya [Kolomoisky]?

The issue turned out to be so sensitive that in the comments to this Facebook post even the first deputy chairman of the Board in Privat, Oleg Gorokhovsky, showed up: 

“I repeat – we don’t need profits on children – this is a part of education – we give children a real grown-up card with a limit of about $10, so the children can learn financial discipline, responsibility, and realize what is a grace period,  how to use the limit to avoid paying interest to the bank.”

Do you want your children at school to get used to credit, grace periods and limits?

Looking forward to the new initiatives of “Privat”. In Ukraine hamsters, cats, dogs and other pets have not yet gotten under the credit press. There is still room to grow, while the country still exists. You can come to a state enterprise with gunmen, and you can get students hooked on credit.

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