Professional killer comments on the Nemtsov murder



Professional killer comments on the Nemtsov murder

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

 [Excerpts from the article]

The former professional killer Aleksey Sherstobitov who is
serving a prison term for the twelve murders and attempts, told
journalists about his opinion concerning the killers’ professionalism, their
use of various ammunition batches, and why Anna Duritskaya was not harmed.

Concerning weapon used in the murder: “How do you know it
was a PM [Makarov pistol]? The same ammunition is also used by the APS
[Stechkin automatic pistol, with a 20-round magazine and capable of automatic

On the use of different ammunition batches: “If you are
trying to throw off the investigation, using different munitions is dumb,
because the barrel rifling and the extractor will leave identical markings on
the bullets and the casings. Moreover, it’s dumb to mix ammunition batches because
even during the Soviet era it could have been quickly figured out. It will only
help the courts, because if they find similar ammunition from the same batches  at your home, it will be additional evidence
against you. It’s another story if the killer was collecting ammunition from
whatever he had available”.

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“A professional killer will always have a choice of weapon,
but obviously he did not have that choice during the murder.”

On why Duritskaya was left alive: “The weapon may have
jammed, the shooter may have gotten confused, maybe he wanted to get away as
quickly as possible. Maybe he ran out of ammunition. An experienced shooter for
whom weapons are his profession would hardly fire that many times.”

Concerning the motives and the party commissioning the
crime: “The killer could have been acting on his own initiative, and Duritskaya
may be hiding something. We can also assume, due to its brazenness and lack of
thinking it through, the Caucasus variant. These guys always use the first
available chance. Just look at how the Chechens take out their enemies. They
want everyone to know they don’t care how and where.”

On the site of the murder: “It’s one of the worst spots to
choose for a murder. If you are trying to make a show out of it, shoot him in
public, or in a restaurant. Or use a more powerful weapon.” 

On the timing: “It’s unlikely that the killing was connected
to the approaching march. These days intimidation of this sort does not work,
so it would give only additional fodder for discussion. In my view he was not a
politician who could influence anything. Many have forgotten about him. There
are other, more bright stars, among the opposition.”

On the ease of killing Nemtsov: “He was not hiding, he was
not using personal security, he felt that he was not in any kind of danger.
Politicians are of course, people, and we have to start with that. Many of them
forget that little detail and think they are untouchable. But God will sooner
or later make everyone equal! These unpleasant photographs, with uncomfortable
and ugly poses, the rolled up shirt, the blood and death, that’s the sight of
body and soul being separated.”

Concerning the possibility that Nemtsov was murdered to
destabilize Russia: “It’s already not very calm. It would have been far more
effective to open fire on the demonstration or shoot a genuinely important
political figure  but, thank God, nobody
will go that far!”

J.Hawk’s Comment: Given that the killers were not “professionals”,
it’s entirely possible that he was shot before the Kremlin because that’s where
he happened to be that evening. He was beign shadowed over the course of one
day, the killers were probably on a schedule of some kind, and besides, longer
surveillance might have attracted attention. The bridge at 11:30pm was the only
spot that was relatively empty, unpopulated, and without police presence. The
only alternative was to wait for him in front of his home, but there was likely
no place there for the killer to linger at without being noticed.

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