Right Sector enters Konstantinovka, begin mass arrests


March 17, 2015

Vesti, Russia1

Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukrainian security forces brought in the units of the Right Sector to Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, to suppress mass riots. The night before people came out on the streets to demand a punishment for the Ukrainian soldiers who ran over and killed an 8 year-old girl.  The expertise has confirmed that the driver was drunk.

The adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashenko announced that the soldiers will shoot to kill.

Despite restrictions from the authorities, about a hundred people gathered at the site of the accident, bringing stuffed toys and flowers.

In Kiev, those who came to the meeting were named “the associates of the terrorists” 

People say, they are tired of silently watching the decay in the Ukrainian army.

– What do we see now? Drunk soldiers who drive military vehicles and run over our children. This shouldn’t happen. This is not an isolated case. The first two cases have been brushed under the rug. There were other incidents when the military vehicles crashed into cars, and, in particular, into the bus #9.

All night the residents of Konstantinovka burned tires and Ukrainian military vehicles. 

The angry residents deblocked school #7, where the Ukrainian forces set up barracks and ammo storage.

This is a police car set on fire near a college dorm, which is now used by the Ukrainian soldiers instead of students.

People threw rocks, screaming: “Shame, get out!”

Most residents have already decided whether the Ukrainian army are liberators or occupants.

– The liberators of Ukraine are killing people!

The commanders took their soldiers from the site of accident, practically saved their lives. People were ready to punish them right there.

The armored vehicle ran over a woman and two kids on a sidewalk. The doctors pulled the infant from the banged up stroller.

An 8 year-old girl died on the spot.

After striking the pedestrians, the vehicle hit a pole. The occupants of the vehicle just got some scratches

The protesters blocked Lomonosova and Kalinina streets. The

spontaneous rally continued all day and all night

Noone from the authorities attempted to speak to the protesters. Just tried to calm the residents from TV screens.

The main task before the law enforcement – is to find and arrest the organizers. As usual, the Russian special agencies have already been blamed. Therefore the conversation with the protesters will be short.

The security forces are allowed to shoot to kill. 

Anton Gerashenko: “If anyone in Konstantinovka uses this accident to protest against the Ukrainian authorities, there will be one warning shot, and then they will shoot to kill, and if there is no time for a warning, they will shoot to kill immideately”

Eyewitnesses said that Ukrainian soldiers, who got out of the armored vehicle, could barely stand on their feet. 

It is not a problem to find alcohol, despite the Kiev authorities officially declaring a “Dry rule”

“They drunk every day, from 12 to 2 am they were shooting every night, then they pointed lasers at the windows” 

The soldiers have been detained. 

The authorities report that they were able to curb the riots. Probably with the help of the radicals from the Right Sector. Their units have arrived into the city, report local residents

– Last night a helicopter, full of people, came from Kramatorsk. Locals report the Right Sector units, numbering about 150 people, have arrived into the city. Today arrests started in Konstantinovka. And many locals report, that they started to walk from door to door, trying to identify those with protest sentiments.

The death of the child has touched the entire Donbass. In solidarity with Konstantinovka, rallies have been held in Donetsk and other cities. Hundreds of residents came to pay respects to all the little victims of the war.

According to Ukrainian authorities, 65 kids have been killed since the beginning of the conflict.

There are reports that several people who participated in the protest have been detained and taken into an unknown direction.

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