Russian Airborne Forces form rapid-reaction units capable of deploying within 24 hours



Russian Airborne Forces form rapid-reaction units capable of deploying within 24 hours

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

All Airborne Forces formations have established rapid
reaction units capable of deploying within 24 hours. “The can be used to
perform missions both on the territory of the Russian Federation as well as
outside its borders,” noted Airborne Forces commander General Vladimir

“Due to this initiative, we have sharply increased the
intake at the Ryazan Airborne Forces Academy. Last year we accepted 540
applicants for the higher professional development course, and 570 for the
middle professional education course. The first lasts five years, the second 2
years and 10 months,” the general said.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Since these days the basic building block
of the Russian Army, including the Airborne Forces, is the brigade/regiment,
this would imply each brigade or regiment places one of its battalions on high
alert, deployable anywhere within 24 hours. Obviously this is not a new
measure, since Shamanov is referring to officer (the 5-year course) and sergeant
(2-year course) training regimens that were already adopted last year. But it
is notable Shamanov felt obligated to make the Airborne Forces’ ability to
respond rapidly to crises right now.

In other possibly related news, the 33 Guards Mountain
Motorized Rifle Brigade has changed its permanent garrison from Dagestan to the
Rostov Region—which just happens to border the Donbass. These moves, along with
the 15th Gds MR Bde “peacekeeping forces” trolling and other very
recent military moves, suggest the Russian government is preparing for all
possibilities or…it already knows what’s coming. Given the current state of the
UAF, I very much doubt anything its generals or their civilian leadership
conceives stays a secret for very long.

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