Russian Duma may reauthorize Putin to send the Russian Army into Ukraine



The State Duma intends to once again authorize Putin to send troops to Ukraine

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“The Russian Parliament ought to once again give the
President of the Russian Federation to use armed force in Ukraine if the US
decides to send sizable arms supplies to that country.” This announcement was
made by the First Deputy Chairman of the “Just Russia” faction, Mikhail

The US House of Representatives adopted a resolution on
Tuesday recommending the US president to approve arms supplies to Ukraine. The
resolution calls on the president to “use the authority provided by Congress to
furnish Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons.” According to the authors of the
resolution, this measure would “increase the Ukrainian nation’s ability to
defend its sovereignty.” The authors of the resolution also exclusively blame
Russia for the deaths suffered during the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. At the
same time, they ignore the fact that a significant portion of the refugees is
in Russia.

“We believe that our parliament should not ignore this
resolution. If the US begins genuine lethal weaponry supplies to Ukraine, we should
not be shy about supporting the militia, including with weapons, and to give
the president the right to send military units on to Ukrainian territory,”
Emelyanov told journalists.

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In his view, Russia cannot allow Ukraine to be transformed
into an “international militant aimed at Russia.”

He called the US Congress resolution “provocative.”

“It shows that the US is not interested in de-escalating the
conflict in Ukraine. The US is trying to arm Ukraine at all costs, because it
views Ukraine as a country that is tying Russian down, something that the US
needs in order to prevent Russia from developing into a superpower.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: The resolution is non-binding—Obama did
not need it to send arms to Ukraine and he likewise can ignore without any
consequences. The point of it is political. It makes Obama looks weak on
foreign policy, and in a way it is part of the preparation for the 2016
presidential campaign where Hillary Clinton will almost definitely be one of
the front-runners. Since she was the Secretary of State in the first Obama
administration, foreign policy is naturally her “strong suit”, and therefore
the GOP is trying to deprive her of it.

That said, the Obama Administration foreign policy team is
full of neocons who just might once again gain the upper hand and push through
something insane like that. Poroshenko could be tempted to start another military campaign to get the US to arm him. Therefore a reminder that Russia is ready and
willing to push back is not out of place here. In fact, it is highly likely
that the Russian response would involve what Emelyanov outlined.

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