Russian opposition: “The mastermind of Nemtsov’s murder, Vladimir Putin, caught Nemtsov’s killers”


March 9, 2015
Komitet GosBez for Cont
Translated by Kristina Rus

Suspects in the murder of Nemtsov have been arrested. They are natives of Ingushetia and Chechnya, Zaur Dadaev, brothers Anzor and Shagit Gubashev and Ramzan Bakhahev and Tamerlan Eskerhanov.

It was interesting to observe how the opposition-controlled media followed Western instructions. First, when the first suspects were detained, they were declared “fake”. But as soon as the media began to spread the information that the suspects have a connection to “Kadyrov’s battalions”, the opposition has dramatically changed its views. The detainees instantly turned out to be “criminals, who were contracted by Kadyrov and Putin.”

The logic is great: “on the personal order of Putin, the killers, whom Putin himself had contracted for the murder, have been caught.”

To what extent do you not respect yourself enough to believe in such a thing? Let me remind you that even the editor-in-chief of Ekho Moscow, Venediktov, refused to publish the “version” of Navalny, calling it “crap”.

Of course, in this situation, the opposition media was delighted to grasp “Kadyrov’s trail”.

Thus, “journalist” Kashin leaked “correspondence from compromised accounts”, which turned out to be a primitive fake – confirmed by Navany’s colleague, Alborov.

Note that of the five detainees only Zaur Dadaev confessed, which in itself speaks to the conscientious investigation of the case. If the detainees were fake – then all would confess, and not only Dadaev.

And most importantly, why talk about “Kadyrov’s trail”? Is there any evidence that Kadyrov was involved in this story? No. All the arguments about the involvement of Kadyrov boil down to the fact that Dadashov was allegedly a deputy commander of battalion regiment “North” of the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic.

However, in court there was no “deputy commander”. Dadashev is listed as unemployed.

“But excuse me, doesn’t Kadyrov control his Chechens?” – you will ask.

Answer: so can say a person, who has never been to the North Caucasus and in Chechnya. I grew up in the Northern Caucasus, and have been to Chechnya. Chechens are not a heterogeneous nation, consisting of many clans, which differ from each other culturally, anthropologically and psychologically. Between clans there have always been serious contradictions, old grudges and competition. Think about it – most recently in Chechnya there was a real vendetta (!) [blood revenge – KR], and it took the personal intervention of Kadyrov, to somehow reconcile all the warring clans.

In this situation no one can boast that he “controls” the Chechens. And in general, if you forget about the Chechens, in any case, it is silly to hold one person responsible for all that is done by single people of the entire ethnicity.

Kadyrov did not profit from the murder of Nemtsov. Why? To receive more charges in the spirit of “you’re a bloody bandit”? And to entrust the murder to the lead officer of the Interior Ministry of Chechnya?

If Kadyrov really did it, he would have done it so that the killers would not be prosecuted. And certainly would not allow to arrest them at his homebase, in Chechnya, but would hide them so that they were never found.

And yet, where did these Chechens and Ingush in the case of the contract killing come from? The most logical version, which lies on the surface, is as follows: this is a commercial order, which had deliberately been entrusted to the natives of Northern Caucasus. It’s not a secret that ethnic mafia has their own specialties. Some engage with drugs, others – illegal gambling, third –  racketeering. The murder of Nemtsov was entrusted to one of these ethnic crime groups.

Not surprising that this practice of “contract jobs” is followed by many “experts”. All known killers have a past in law enforcement agencies.

And the most hardened characters, who first shoot and then think,  had been deliberately chosen. For whom it doesn’t matter who and where to kill, as long as they are paid.

The customer understood that such artists will sooner or later be found (this was the calculation). And then you can hit the authorities and Putin personally with the second end of the stick – “Not only they killed an opposition activist, but also it was done by damn kadyrovtsy on behalf of Putin!”

It is logical that in such a situation, the customer must ensure his safety, so he can’t stay on the territory of Russian Federation. He is where he cannot be extradited from. Where the instructions about “customers Kadyrov and Putin” are issued.  And I am sure that in the near future, the investigation will find an overseas footprint of the assassination of Nemtsov.

P.S. I should add that Kadyrov issued a statement, according to which Dadaev resigned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and added that “in any case, if the court confirms the guilt of Dadaev, then he has committed a serious crime by killing a man. “

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