“Russia’s here, kid, it is and it will be”–on the popular sentiment in Kharkov



The separatists will capture Kharkov in May

By Colonel Cassad

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Comical hysterics by the Ukrainian “nationally conscious”
concerning Kharkov.

“The separatists will capture Kharkov in May! Preparations
are continuing, neither the army/police nor the executive authority are in
Ukrainian hands. We are driving through the same checkpoints, undergo searches,
but that wouldn’t be all that bad if it weren’t for the fact they are searching
only the volunteers and their helpers.

Checkpoint in Kharkov: “You from Aidar?”—people in police
uniform surround my minivan.

“No, civilian volunteers,” I answer

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“So why the f*** are you wearing camouflage?” ask the

“We were visiting various positions, we were in the mud,
didn’t want to get civilian clothes dirty,” I’m trying to explain.

“Get your things ready for inspection, and don’t f******
think you’re leaving any time soon. You visited Aidar?”—a two-meter cop asks

Two more cops approach. “You from Aidar, m*****f*****?” They
start searching, thank God they didn’t simply dump everything onto the asphalt,
only onto the floor of the vehicle. We spent about an hour at the checkpoint,
but managed to shift the conversation in a calmer direction. As it turned out,
the search was conducted by former Berkut troops. They hate the Aidar and the
Right Sector. They enthusiastically travel to the Crimea, saying “Everything’s
great there, some of our guys from Lvov went there.” As soon as I mention the “separatists”
they get angry: “What separatists? What, are you all f***** in the head? Don’t you
understand the guys there are fighting for their future?” They also really like
Kernes. When I say “Puilo caused a great deal of harm”, they answer “and what
is your f****** Poroshenko doing?” Once they calm down we ask, “what do you
want?” They answer “normal work, order in the country, obedience, wages like in
Russia.” “So why don’t you go to Russia?”, I ask. “Russia’s here, kid, it is
and it will be.” With such law enforcement WE WILL LOSE KHARKOV! –Taras Eleiko.”

P.S. The “nationally conscious” dogma is
obviously breaking down upon contact with reality in which large masses of the
inhabitants of the South-East view the Ukrainian authorities as occupiers whom
they hate and tolerate, until their hatred finds an outlet as it did in
Konstantinovka. Similar processes are underway in Kharkov. The main thing is to
ensure that once that hatred comes to the fore, it is not dissipated in a
spontaneous rebellion but is directed at overthrowing the junta’s rule.

As to May, who knows how this war will go…

J.Hawk’s Comment: I guess the moral of the story is that if anyone asks if you are from Aidar, the correct answer is not just no, but F*** NO!

The other moral of the story is that what happened in Konstantinovka can and will happen elsewhere. The UAF is doing wonderful work of undermining whatever was left of pro-Ukrainian sentiment everywhere it goes in its drunk-driven armored vehicles…

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