Shirokino – the new fetish of the Kiev junta?



March 31, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Back in February there were hints that Shirokino will become a new fetish that they can’t “give up”. Yesterday we received a message from the OSCE that Shirokino is under NAF (at least partially) and rebuttals immediately followed:

1. From the Right Sector, which have not dissolved. Incidentally, the deadline of the “ultimatum” from the authorities ends tomorrow.

2. From Semen Semenchenko, who is no longer a commander of “Donbass”, who believes that Shirokino is under the junta, but “Donbass” is “withdrawn for rotation” and cannot go back  … because it’s an order from Kiev.

3.From the ATO speaker, Stelmach, who reported about partial control over Shirokino.

Actually it is not important who is right and who is lying. It is important that Shirokino has become that fetish that can ignite a new phase of the war. The very preservation of a significant hot spot of the war suggests that such a scenario is on the table. The last fetish – Donetsk airport, became the trigger for the winter campaign. Will Shirokino become a trigger for a new war?

P. S. Meanwhile LDPR defiantly comply with the Minsk agreement and accuse Kiev of non-compliance. But Kiev cannot fulfill these agreements. Every day the loop of opportunities for Kiev is shrinking. There are many facts of violations of the Minsk Memorandum and they have already reached the level of discussion at the UN.

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