Shots fired at Nemtsov were shots fired at Kadyrov’s authority and at stability in Chechnya


March 10, 2015

Kristina Rus

When we gather the facts around Nemtsov’s murder we should not loose sight of facts which occurred AFTER the murder, or – its consequences and results. The fact is, whether intended or not, shots fired at Nemtsov were also shots fired at Kadyrov’s authority and hence at Putin-Kadyrov vertical of power and stability in Chechnya. Therefore we must ask ourselves if such a result was in fact – the purpose of Nemtsov’s murder.

In the video above the 5th column Russian TV channel “Dozhd” (“Rain” – the bullhorn of Russian non-systemic opposition) invited the editor of the 5th column Caucasus media outlet “Caucasian Knot”, Grigory Shvedov.

Earlier Fort Russ posted a reference to Wikileaks cables exposing Grigory Shvedov advising Michael McFaul at the US embassy in Moscow on how should Americans most effectively interfere in Russian affairs.

The same cables revealed that another Russian opposition representative suggested that US should attempt to isolate Ramzan Kadyrov.

It is reasonable to argue that the relationship between the “Caucasian Knot” and the US State Department may not be purely platonic, but financial as well.

It was the “Caucasian Knot” which broke the story in Russia about Nemtsov’s killer being connected to Ramzan Kadyrov, having previously served in the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya. It was also the “Caucasian Knot”, which announced to the Russians that the theory of a foreign trail is wrong. And pointed them in the direction of Kadyrov’s trail instead.

Next the editor of “Caucasian Knot” goes on “a media tour” and reports on mission accomplished: Kadyrov’s authority has been shaken.

Grigory Shvedov on “Dozhd”:

– Putin’s award of Kadyrov is a signal to those Chechen elites who have begun to worry 

– Some Chechen elites are ready to look for other centers of power

– All the big accomplishments in Chechnya in the fight with Chechen militants (although made with human rights violations) have not been achieved thanks to Kadyrov [!!!] 

– Kadyrov’s image is a manufactured brand

– Chechnya is de facto independent from Russian authority (as far as the level of Kadyrov’s power)

– Chechen elites feel that the capture of Zaur Dadaev, Nemtsov’s killer, is a strike directly at Kadyrov. They begin to question whether Kadyrov can defend their interests.

– The vertical of power in Chechnya began to vibrate from the bottom and may fall apart at the top

– There is a duality in Chechen public opinion. Kadyrov is popular on the surface, but the same people may secretly wish his demise

– Kadyrov’s security officials are nervous that Kadyrov cannot defend them from Russian authorities

– The killer used to serve in “Sever” battalion in the name of Akhmat Kadyrov, where the term “kadyrovtsi” (the private guard of Kadyrov) was born. 

[Couldn’t get any closer to Kadyrov, if one wanted to frame him]

– “Charlie Hebdo” (religious motive) is just a cover

– There could be a conflict between “some of the Kremlin towers” 

– The targets [Nemtsov] were established by propaganda (such concepts as “5th column”, “Anti-maidan”)

Is it Kremlin propaganda that forced Grigory Shvedov and Boris Nemtsov to run to the American Embassy and ponder on how to topple the Russian government? 

The host from “Dozhd” aslo asked a question about who could replace Ramzan Kadyrov, to which Shvedov replied that no one is as big as Kadyrov, and it could be someone not widely known.

Putin and Kadyrov are frequently accused by their opponents that Kadyrov is running a “mini-khalifate” in Chechnya, that Russian laws don’t function on it’s territory and that Russia should assert more local control. At the same time such an arrangement is a guarantee of peace and stability in such a highly traditional culture as Chechnya, which is fundamentally different from the Russian society with its sometimes ruthless practices. We should not loose sight of the point that the more Russia would attempt to strengthen control over Chechnya and make it more “Russian,” the greater the backlash it will get, shaking the fragile balance of power in the republic.

In a way, the more “Chechen” Chechnya is allowed to be, the greater the likelihood, that it will remain inside Russia’s borders.

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