The article that killed Nemtsov was a fake


Nemtsov with Timoshenko and Poroshenko

March 1, 2015
Stanislav Yakovlev – Facebook
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Sobesednik”. Dear. You f$cked up.

I am talking about the website of  “Sobesednik” suddenly posting the “Full version of the interview with Boris Nemtsov”.

And now, attention: the original, twenty-days-old:

Interesting. Did you after such conversations with your mother begin to fear that Putin may soon kill you personally or through intermediaries?

– You know, yes… a little. Not as much as mom, but still… But still I am not so much afraid of him. If I was very afraid, then I would not head the opposition party, would not be engaged in what I do. By the way, please say hello to Dmitry Bykov from me and mama.

– Thank you, I will. Hope, still, common sense will prevail and Putin isn’t going to kill you.

– God forbid. And I hope so.

Now compare this beauty with decrypted, as far as I understand it, literally – that is, without editing, processing, and author’s additions – full version of the interview [published last night]:

– And, perhaps, finally, I will ask you, are you not afraid of Putin? Or have you become more cautious?

– I am not that scared

– But a little fear, yes?

– Well listen, I’m just kidding. If I was scared, then I would not head the opposition party, would not be engaged in what I do. Mom, by the way, loves Dmitry Bykov and knows that he works for the “Sobesednik”. Sends best wishes to him.

End quote, and the end of the interview.

Twenty days ago fictional Boris Nemtsov has admitted that he is a little afraid of Vladimir Putin. Slightly, but significantly. Because Vladimir Putin could easily kill Boris Nemtsov. But Boris Nemtsov hopes that the Lord Almighty in his great mercy will not allow his demise. Because there is nothing more to rely on anyway.

While the real Boris Nemtsov said that he is not afraid of Putin. He wasn’t even asked about a murder. And the final exchange of remarks about the triumph of common sense and the help of God in the context of prospects to die a violent death at the whim of the Kremlin tyrant is the result of unhealthy fantasies of the writers from “Sobesednik”, from the first letter to the last point.

You know, there’s a popular verse about the collapse of the Ceausescu regime, and there’s a great line, which I now really want to quote:

“Are you f%cked up, brothers Romanians?”

And besides this purely rhetorical question there is  nothing else to say to you.

Especially considering a theory, and quite convincing one, according to which, the statement of Nemtsov “I am afraid, Putin can kill me” in an interview with “Sobesednik” has become the main, if not only, reason for his murder.

The statement, which never existed in reality. Absolute fabrication. Just the unique creative team wanted a bit of light traffic. But they could not write that Vladimir Putin f$cks pigs, because for this some polite people can show up.

But the title that “Vladimir Putin can kill Boris Nemtsov” – is a great, cheerful headline. No, really, what’s the problem? No false statements contained in the text. Or are you saying that Vladimir Putin can’t kill Boris Nemtsov? Putin can do anything.

But I still strongly hope that tomorrow at this march of the mourning they will suddenly bring a fake coffin with twined garlands painted in the style of “My Little Pony”, and alive and well Nemtsov will rise out of it and will report “April Fools!” 

Otherwise I have no idea how to fit, feel and comprehend all of this…

Kristina Rus: 

To answer the question why would the editors of Sobesednik expose themselves like that after the fact, the author arrives at the conclusion that the full interview was simply posted to generate more traffic in light of recent events.

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