The chairman of the anti-fascist committee, top member of the Communist party, Alexander Kononovych, beaten and kidnapped in Volhynia, Ukraine


March 12, 2015

Putnik @ Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

“This is Mikhail Kononovych, first secretary of Lenin’s Comsomol of Ukraine. Today at 3 pm at the city of Lutsk, my brother, Alexander Kononovich, the second secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, head of the Russian community of Lutsk, has been kidnapped, and beaten by unknown people in downtown and taken in the unknown direction. At this time his location is unknown. His phone is not working.  If anyone knows his location, please get in touch with me.” 

An hour ago in the center of Lutsk unknown persons had beaten and abducted the Second Secretary of the Volyn Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Alexander Kononovych. According to the wife of the kidnapped, Alexander was beaten, put into a car and taken away in an unknown direction. At the same time his brother Mikhail received a text message supposedly from Alexander, saying: “Everything is OK. I’m in the SBU. No problems”. Relatives believe that the text message was not written by Alexander.

I hope that Alexander will not be killed, mutilated or crippled. Again I want to return to the subject which in recent days has become a very important.

Yesterday, in the post “Witnesses”, I once again explained that to equate all Ukrainians to fascists is unacceptable. Not every Ukrainian is a fascist, and many Ukrainians (with or without a party affiliation) are fighting with the fascists. In the morning I found several dozen examples over the last year. This is not debatable, and to say that all Ukrainians are fascists and traitors only can a provocateur or a fool.

On the other hand, anyone attempting to deny the need to eliminate “ukropstvo” [Ukrainian ultra-nationalism] as a local variety of fascism, the ideology of the so-called “Ukrainianism” in the form in which it was cultivated in the last decades, representing a call for its eradication (denazification) as “hate speech towards the Ukrainian ethnos,” is either a fool or a provocateur.



To make it a little clearer, I will tell you, who are brothers Kononovych in Volhynia.

Alexander Kononovych – is a chairman of the Anti-fascist committee of Volhynia, who in February of last year, was one of the few people who openly stated, when the comsomoltsy of Volhynia opened the monument to Stalin for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city and the end of the blockade of Leningrad: 

“Today in Ukraine a blatant, brazen, primitive coup is taking place. And we, the anti-fascists, must defend our fatherland as one. The fascists under the loud title of the “European Union” want to catholicize, de-slavanize, humiliate the proud, free Ukrainian nation. Nation-liberator, nation-creator of the socialist model of development. Comrades, let us in this troubled hour be guided solely by the power of patriotism! We, the Communists of Volhynia, do not recognize the current neo-Nazi coup!”

In March 2013 the brothers Kononovich did not allow to hold a neo-fascist film festival “Bloody Soviets” in the framework of all-Ukrainian broadcast, which was supposed to promote the sham nationalist organizations.

Comsomoltsy during the entire week chased the nationalists throughout the city, not giving them the opportunity to rent the premises to show the “subcultural fantasy” of the anti-Soviet films.

In 2011 on request of Alexander Kononovych the decision to ban the Soviet symbols was overturned.

On the tip of local Nazis in 2011 the SBU started a criminal case  against Alexander Kononovych for shooting of portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych, in the end, however, backing off.

And, as a finishing touch: in the collection of documents of Nakonechny in the book “Volyn – the bloody fields of war” it is indicated that the grandfather of the brothers Kononovych – Nikolai Kononovych – was the founder of one of the first detachments of the Soviet partisans, who first fought with the Germans in Volhynia, and then with UPA.

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