“The entire world ought to think about how to help Ukraine”—Klimkin

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“The entire world ought to think about how to help Ukraine”—Klimkin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The entire world ought to think about what can be done for
Ukraine, said the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin during
his report on the first 100 days of the new government.

“I see the main task of Ukrainian diplomacy to ensure that
all national leaders, all politicians, all citizens who support us ask
themselves a simple question upon waking up: what can I do today for Ukraine which
is suffering from Russian aggression? And in the evening, they should ask
themselves, what have they done for Ukraine”, Klimkin said.

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By refusing to support Ukraine, the international community
is betraying all values and principles, according to Klimkin. “By not
supporting Ukraine, the civilized world betrays two things: its values and its
principles. Right now we have European and transatlantic unity, a unique
financial aid packet, the willingness to support reforms in Ukraine,” Klimkin

Klimkin also said that the support of Ukraine is
unprecedented in history. “The support by the entire civilized world has no
equivalent in modern history,” Klimkin concluded.

J.Hawk’s Comment: I think Ukrainian diplomacy has succeeded
in getting the “leaders of the civilized world” in asking themselves, upon
waking up, “what can I do today to make the Ukraine problem go away?”, and, in
the evening “what have I done today to be rid of this problem?”. That’s the sum
total of Western aid/assistance/involvement. Here’s your IMF tranche, now stop
bothering us. Here’s the Minsk Agreement, you have peace, there is no Russian
aggression, now please go away.

But, alas, the problem refuses to go away. At the rate
things are developing, it’s likely that the problem will disappear only with
the disappearance of Ukraine as a sovereign state. 

Also, am I the only one thinking Klimkin is the saddest, most pathetic creature in this government? 

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