The fired governor of Dnepropetrovsk fled to Paraguay



March 31, 2015

Vladimir Kornilov (Facebook)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Reading the enthusiastic odes to Kolomoisky, who, apparently “saved peace in Dnepropetrovsk” – some historical parallels come to mind.

To me these eulogies reminded of the enthusiastic reports about the activities of the Governor of Ekaterinoslav [former name of Dnepropetrovsk], Sergey Shchetinin, appointed by Denikin in 1919. 

Shchetinin launched a frantic effort to create the self-defense units of Ekaterinoslav, constantly begged Denikin for weapons, actively promoted himself on a unique system of defense of the city, argued that thanks to him, Ekaterinoslav is protected and Denikin’s home front is secure. White Guard newspapers loudly praised the governor, he happily gave interviews right and left, different cities stated about the intention to copy his experience on the assembling of volunteer units for the city guard.

All these enthusiastic odes ended in October, when, without facing serious resistance, Makhno entered the city. Ekaterinoslav was looted. Where were all these famous self-defense units of the Governor, no one knows. After that Denikin quickly demanded the resignation of Shchetinin. No one heard much else of him, soon he went off to live in Paraguay.

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Will Kolomoisky make it there?..

The Resignation of the governor of Yekaterinoslav

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