The lifeline of the Kiev junta: blending the love of homeland with the love of the state


March 23, 2015
Vasily Volga
Translated by Krisitna Rus

Today I witnessed a dispute between two men in a supermarket. The dispute arose near the volunteers collecting money for the Ukrainian army. A man of about forty, frustrated by the receipt, which he received for purchases made in the store, was shouting that he does not need such state, which fired him from his job and created such inflation and devaluation that he can only eat pasta with whitebait and bread. He was screaming that he will never give a single kopec to any ATO. Of course all of this swearing and on the background of a new Roshen store.

Another man, who sympathized with the volunteers, screamed at the first calling him a “Moscow bastard,” who doesn’t love his state and for this reason, should not to live in it.

Here it is – another fraud, another lie rooted in the minds of my fellow citizens, just because of the fact that the official propaganda for many years mixed together two concepts: the HOMELAND and the STATE. 

Churchill once said: “All power is criminal. If the government is not criminal, then give it time.” What is the State? This is a form of organisation of Power, i.e. the Government. We will be absolutely right to paraphrase Churchill: “Every state is criminal. If the state is not criminal, then give it time”.

Does a citizen have the right to be in opposition to their state? Obliged to! For as long as the citizens will not understand that the State is a necessary evil, and will not make an effort to keep the state in check, the State will become more voracious and predatory towards their citizens.

 Less dangerous may be only the state created by a responsible civil society and which is under the civil control of this society. 

What is HOMELAND? Homeland is a multi-level concept. Small homeland – a town where I was born and its surroundings.Big homeland, as a rule – is the country where I was born. Also the birthplace of Humanity – this is our Earth. Does a man have a right to not love his country? Small, large, universal? Alas, he can. Love cannot be imposed. People who don’t love their homeland, are called “cosmopolitan”.

 Many of them call themselves citizens of the world. Is it good or bad – not to love your country? It seems to me that it is bad. Bad, because a man without a country is, first and foremost, a person without culture, a person who is not trying to understand himself and his roots. And certainly can’t be a responsible citizen.

So, what did those two men argue about in the supermarket? I think about the same thing. One of them was shouting that his Homeland was mutilated by the State, and he rejects such a State. And the second thought the first one was screaming about the Homeland and hates it. Just the second man did not make the discovery that the homeland and the State are two different things…

KR: The problem is agreeing on when the state makes the homeland better or worse…

This incident shows that the future of the Kiev junta depends entirely on its ability to brainwash its citizens through the government controlled media by blaming Russia for all its shortcomings, i.e. to fuel “love of homeland state” by promoting russophobia and ultra-nationalism, which is exactly what is eating Ukraine from inside. Kiev Junta is doomed, but it can still do a lot of damage. 

The problem is, that when the Kiev junta begins to fight with itself, i.e. Poroshenko vs. Kolomoisky, the people will inevitably learn very interesting new things about their state, and actually have to put Putin-bashing on hold. Such an intermission could be fatal.

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