The morning after the riots: Konstantinovka is a ghost town (video)


March 17, 2015
Kristina Rus

The morning after the riots, Konstantinovka looks like a ghost town, reports RT. People are hiding in their homes, fearing repercussions and arrests. According to RT, the woman, ran over by a MTLB, died in the hospital.

The riots started when a woman with two kids standing on a sidewalk was ran over by a speeding MTLB with drunk Ukrainian soldiers. An 8 year-old girl, Polina, died on the spot

Local pro-Kiev paper “Provintsia” is silent about the riots, limiting its reporting to the accident itself, and blaming “the enraged mop for demanding war and death to come to our area in the face of Russia a year ago.”

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The Ukrainian governor of Donetsk region, Alexander Kikhtenko,  arrived to Konstantinovka.

The head of Donetsk region police reported, that the organizers of the riots “have been identified”. The damage from the riots is being liquidated by municipal services.

All municipal and military buildings are under the control of the authorities. 

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