“The second level, more expensive, starts at $1500 for an evening”–or how Nemtsov rolled



They photographed Nemtsov even on the toilet

Original publication date: 1/25/2012

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Nemtsov took a vacation with a new escort-virgin, and
was photographed by unknown operators in all the private places. Apparently the
travel company which he used sold him out.

Nemtsov did not part with the 25-year-old woman even for a
minute. The hot sand of the Persian Gulf only warmed up his sexual activism.
Political activism did not grow cold, either.

Nemtsov had time to count his supporters’ donations.  Hundreds of Russian citizens
voluntarily transferred money to his electronic account over a period of two
months, to help the fighter for justice publish his oppositionist research.

Nemtsov collected 320 thousand rubles, just enough for a
week in a chic room for two in the Zabele Saray hotel.

“It is a new, luxurious VIP hotel, built on a palm island,”
according to a tourist agency employee. “There is everything necessary for a
good rest at Zabele Saray! The room resembles sultan’s apartments, only the
freshest cuisine: there are 16 restaurants for even the most demanding of
tastes. The hotel was built specially for the elite, the top floor hosts
families of the sheikhs themselves. Only the best, believe me.”

The 52-year-old leader of the PARNAS took with him for a
serious spin on the UAE beaches the faithful companion of his recent
adventures, Anastasiya Ognyeva. Hotel staff whispered: “He is an important
politician from the ‘90s”, but neither the staff nor the long-time guests saw
any extraordinary behavior.

The pair practically never left their heavenly nest, having grown weary of hanging out with Russian tourists—that’s the electorate, after all.
They ordered meals to their room: the most sophisticated Japanese dishes and
the local seafood. They had breakfast around dinnertime, and they observed the
sunset from the balcony.

A night in the royal de-luxe apartments of the hotel located
on the Jumeira Palm island with a view on the ocean costs over 50 thousand
dollars. Even though half a million is small change for Nemtsov, he and his
red-headed companion nevertheless received a discount for their romantic

Of course his last official wife was not invited along, but
was instead left in frozen Moscow. Nemtsov also did not have the blessing from the
parents of his lover Anastasiya Ognyeva.

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“What gave you the idea that my daughter is hanging out with
Nemtsov?!” Nastya’s mom was surprised. “We know nothing about her life, she
does not live with us.”

Nevertheless, Nemtsov already boasted to his numerous past
wives about his new young girl.

“I am very happy for him, he looks happy next to her,” told
Life News one of Nemtsov’s wives, Ekaterina Odintsova. “He showed me her
photos, she’s good-looking. He told me something about her, but we have many other
topics to discuss.”

Of course they have other topics: Nemtsov and the journalist
Odintsova had two children together.

Life News learned where lovebirds like Nemtsov obtain their

The Russian democracy promoter’s muse first made herself
known through the Escortmodeli agency, when Nemtsov was looking for a VIP-girl
to accompany him to Israel. It seems that fortune, in the person of a wealthy
revolutionary, smiled on Nastya: she has grandparents in Israel. In other
words, one can find a companion with the preferred nationality, visa, and level of

“The well developed talents of our VIP-girls can ensure not
only relaxation,” promises the web site, where the Redhead was on the honor
roll prior to her acquaintance with the politician.

One can even find a companion at the escort service with a
beauty title, provided you have money.

“Prices depend on the girl’s level, starting price is a
$1000,” explains the agency’s manager Aleksandra. “The second level, more
expensive, starts at $1500 for an evening.”

It’s clear that the provincial girl conquered not only
Moscow, but also the heart of a Muscovite political leader.

After his vacation with a lover on the Persian Gulf coast,
Nemtsov returned to work—his battle for justice, since everyone knows that his
electorate cannot avail itself of such a vacation. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: I mean, Russian “opposition” certainly has it tough these days. When will the persecution stop? The poor guy could afford only one week in Dubai…

On a more serious note, these “escort services” are pretty much part of the shadow economy since prostitution is illegal in Russia. However, if you have dealings with such agencies, you are also dealing, however indirectly, with organized crime.  Assuming that Anna “actress-model” Duritskaya belonged to the same category of companion (which appears rather likely–Nemtsov seems to have had a thing for 20-somethings…), it’s not implausible that somebody took offense to Nemtsov “spoiling the goods”, so to speak, because how much money will a pregnant “escort” fetch? It’s also yet to be explained who paid for Duritskaya’s Switzerland abortion. 

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