Transcarpathia Ruthenians demand autonomy from Kiev



Transcarpathia Rusyns demand autonomy from Kiev

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The congress of Rusyn organizations decided to form a
Coordinating Council to enter into a dialogue with the government. The decision
was made last Saturday.

“The decisions made at the congress serve the following
goals: demand the recognition of Rusyns as a nationality, and demand the
implementation of the 1991 referendum on autonomy through dialogue. None of
that had happened earlier. Right now we are opting for a dialogue, not a
confrontation,” said the leader of Transcarpathian Rusyns Pyotr Getsko.

The congress also decided to form a Coordinating Council,
whose main objectives will be the unification and coordination of efforts to
ensure the rights and freedoms of the Rusyn community.

The Council is also intended to enter into a dialogue with
Kiev “to reach a decision on acknowledging the results of the 1991 referendum
at which about 80% of inhabitants voted for the region’s autonomy.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: I think we can reasonably assume Kiev’s
participation in the dialogue will be limited to the word “no.” Will the
Rusyns then opt for confrontation?

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