Ukraine lost five Indian airplanes


March 29, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Five Indian transport airplanes from 40 shipped to Ukraine for modernization under the contract signed in 2009 have disappeared, according to the publication Defense News with reference to the official from Indian Air force.

According to the agreement from 2009, which was signed by India and UkrSpetsExport about modernization and repair of 104 transport aircraft An-32, purchased at Ukrainian “Antonov”, 40 airplanes were to be upgraded on the territory of Ukraine, and 64 others – at the repair facilities of the Indian air force in Kanpur using technology provided by Ukraine. The total value of the contract is $400 million, reports RIA “Novosti”.

However, the Defense Ministry of India reported that out of forty planes Ukraine returned only 35, the other five had disappeared without a trace.

After the appeal of Indian military officials to the Embassy of Ukraine, Ukrainian diplomats said that this issue should be solved by the “Antonov”, and the state can not help.

The contract is valid until 2017, however, because of fighting in the East of Ukraine, the implementation became difficult, as if they are bombing Kiev, instead of Donetsk.

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