Ukraine rigs bridges to Crimea with explosives



Kiev is concealing the mining of bridges to the Crimea fromown citizens

By Oleg Kryuchkov

On Kiev’s orders, the bridges to Crimea were rigged with
explosives. This news as announced by the FSB Border Directorate in Simferopol.

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According to the directorate, UAF placed tens of boxes next
to the bridge supports, and connected them with electrical wires. All the while
vehicle traffic is continuing. The operation was caught on video. The photos
came into the possession of NTV and were studied by its correspondent Oleg

UAF mined two bridges across the Chongar isthmus which
connects Ukraine with the Crimea. Remarkably, these bridges are used mainly by
Ukrainian citizens. Residents of Crimea don’t travel to Ukraine. They run the
danger of being arrested at the border crossing or receiving a draft notice to
be sent to the ATO. The traffic consists mostly of Ukrainians traveling to the
Crimea, up to 1,000 persons per day. Nobody has told them the bridge has been

Ekaterina Tarasova, FSB Border Directorate Press Service in
the Republic of Crimea: “Ukraine is concealing those facts, despite the danger
to the lives and health of citizens. Border Directorate has sent an address to
the Ukrainian border service to urge them to de-mine the bridge. However,
Ukraine has ignored our requests, and the danger of explosion remains.”

UAF had placed 42 army-issue boxes next to the bridge
supports. According to combat engineers, that’s 1-2 tons of explosives,
depending on various factors. By comparison, one kg of TNT is sufficient to
blow up a truck. However, Ukraine is not reacting to the Russian border guards

J.Hawk’s  Comments:
Lots of things could be going on here. Preparations for a complete blockade of
Crimea, though one needs not to blow up any bridges to do that. It could be a
defensive measure against a feared Russian attack from the Crimea—considering the
state of psychosis in which Kiev is right now, that cannot be ruled out. The
most ominous scenario is that it’s the next provocation that is being readied.
Because, should that bridge (and whoever happens to be on it at the time) be
blown sky-high, we’ll instantly be told that “Putin did it.”

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