Ukrainian resorts carry losses from promotion “Occupants are not welcome!”


Truskavets, Lvov region

March 29, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Promotion “Occupants not welcome!” bared fruit: the resorts of Western Ukraine carry huge losses

Ukrainians cannot afford not only foreign, but also Ukrainian resorts. Even the most popular resort town, Truskavets – this year carried huge losses. This was announced at a press conference in Kiev by the deputy director of the tourist company “The Whole World,” Olga Beylin.

“There are those who go on vacation with social insurance vouchers, but the rest … This winter Truskavets was empty. This speaks about the impoverishment of our middle class. We noticed that even domestic destinations are in less demand,” – she said.

According to Beylin, in March and February sales fell by 80% compared to last year.

It speaks not so much about the impoverishment of the Ukrainian middle class, but about the idiocy of those Truskavets mini-oligarchs, who organized a ban on “Russian occupants” and hung such announcements in Truskavets hotels:

Occupants are not welcome!

And then stating:

“I understand that this step will lead to shortfall of a very large part of revenue. But we demand sanctions from everyone, as our people go to Russia to work. Why do the French and the Germans have to lose jobs over Ukraine, when we ourselves are not willing to do that.”

Huge losses, from the point of view of ideological sado-masochism of Ruina [Ukraine, meaning “ruins” in Russian], is, of course, good. But they can do better. I am sure that more is still to come, and the “revolution of dignity” as the greatest milestone in the construction of True Ukraine will continue the heroic epic of the svidomy ancestors.

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