US Humvees delivered to Poroshenko

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US Humvees delivered to Poroshenko

By J.Hawk

The US (in other words, Joe Biden, who evidently is Obama’s discount Dick Cheney) promised Ukraine a total of 30 armored and 200 unarmored Humvees. That seems to be the extent of the US military aid to Ukraine. The Europeans still don’t want to see any “lethal” weapons to be sent to Ukraine, Russia has threatened escalation should that happen, but at the same time the US wants to be seen as helping, so here you go. Poroshenko said the units would be used by a special operations unit. On his youtube channel which features a video of Poroshenko tooling around in his new acquisition, he wrote: “Behind the wheel I realized this is an exceptionally (sic) effective (sic) and powerful (sic) combat vehicle (sic) for which the Ukrainian troops have been waiting.” Petro Poroshenko, military analyst extraordinaire…Yes, this is exactly what the UAF had been hoping for, to replace the hundreds upon hundreds of actually armored vehicles they have lost in combat…

There’s the obvious question of maintenance and spare parts supply, since the Humvee is a wholly alien beast in Ukraine. Without that support, these vehicles will quickly be sidelined.  

 Notice that they are applying Ukrainian decals to the vehicles still in their sand camouflage…which does everything except camouflage the vehicle in the rather greenish Ukrainian landscape…

Oh, and get the load of that photograph. See that thing strapped to his right thigh? That’s right. Poroshenko is packing heat. So here he is, at the Borispol Airport in Kiev, receiving Humvees from the Americans while surrounded by his own elite troops and…he is carrying a gun. Whom does he think he might have to shoot??? Protesting Borispol workers? Or is this a case of Turchinov envy?

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