Video: Nemtsov Maidan Failed – Evgeny Fedorov


March 19th, 2015 

– shared by: Joaquin Flores 

This March 15th update from Russian Parliamentarian, Evgeny Fedorov, gives his analysis of why he thinks the US was behind the killing of Nemtsov, and how this adheres to a common strategy that the US uses in destabilization and ‘color revolution’ campaigns. 

He explains this in the context of the ‘sacrificial lamb’, referring to Iran and other past precedents where the same was tried.  Like with Iran, this attempt in Russia failed.  Fedorov explains how exactly ‘why’ it did.  

Things which appear spontaneous are often, indeed, planned actions. Another example given is the MH-17 downing, which the US tried to blame on Russia.  

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Nemtsov was disposable, his time was over, and wasn’t a perfect tool.  He was best used as a sacrificial lamb, and this was important not only for obvious reasons, but also because there was always a chance he could go back over to Putin’s side (as other former opposition leaders have) and further de-legitimize the pro-Western opposition. 

An excellent discussion all around, many of the intricacies of the propaganda and mobilization war are discussed in context of the Nemtsov murder. 

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