Video: Ukraine Media Actors Caught Faking Volnovakha Tragedy



Submitted by: Joaquin Flores – From: Kazzura YT

“No one’s going to believe that …”

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[J.Flores Note – We can see the difference between what was shown to the audiences in Ukraine, and the not-shown footage of this person being coached.  From the nature of the coaching, it is more likely than not that this person was not present at the incident, and is in fact not injured at all.  You’ll note the director taking cuts, reminding the actor of the lines, even reminding the actor that they are supposed to be traumatized.  Even without this behind the scenes look, it’s obvious this kind of monologue is scripted.  People simply do not speak about events this way.  Writers dramatize them in this way, but this is never how impromptu accounts ever sound.  We should apply this standard to every similar piece of footage, irrespective of its source]

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