Was the eyewitness to the murder of Boris Nemtsov recruited by SBU chief Nalyvaychenko?


Anna Duritskaya

March 5, 2015


Translated by Petri Krohn

The companion of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was killed last Friday in the center of Moscow, was recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine in September last year. Versia.RU received this information from Russian political scientist and member of the Public Chamber Sergey Markov. Versia.RU found new details of the so-called “Ukrainian trace” in the murder of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. We have previously reported that Anna Duritskaya who accompanied Nemtsov on the fateful evening, was in a relationship with a member of the Ukrainian parliament Yuri Bezera, who concurrently holds the position of commander of “Dnepr-1” Battalion .

Sergey Markov, Russian political scientist and member of the Public Chamber commented to Versia.RU: “My personal opinion is that the murder was organized by the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko to cause an uproar in Moscow.” The correspondent of Versia.RU was told the escort Anna Duritskaya may have actually been recruited by the SBU last fall -at the time they were only interested in Ukrainian counterintelligence and not her Russian lover Nemtsov. At the same time of the affair with Nemtsov, Duritskaya, as confirmed by her close friends, had a special relationship with the National Guard battalion commander Yuri Bezera, a confidant of the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The aim of SBU operatives in recruiting Duritskaya was to “dig” compromising information on Bezera, and if they were lucky, on Kolomoiskiy himself. The fact that the photo model was in a relationship with battalion commander Yuri Bezera was revealed by the sister of Anna, who lives in Nizhnevartovsk, but occasionally visits Dnepropetrovsk.

By the way, according to the news portal “PolitKlub.ru” the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation did not refute the information that in the case of the murder of Nemtsov operational data has appeared to support the version of the involvement of the SBU in the death of the politician. Apparently, in Kiev has already started covering their tracks: Ukrainian news agencies reported today that the missing girl’s parents – they allegedly left Kiev to the dacha and disappeared down the road.

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