Was Kadyrov the target in Nemtsov’s murder?


March 9, 2015
El Murid
Translated by Kristina Rus

The rapid awarding of Ramzan Kadyrov with the Medal of Honor is a clear demonstration of trust. By itself, the Medal of Honor is the type, when you need a reward, but there is no specific reason. Under the Statute it is awarded for top achievements in different areas of life. When a piece of paper is not enough, but something more serious is too much.

Most likely, the award is a response to the arrests in the case of Nemtsov. The indication that the killers are private individuals and the President does not see any politics. Therefore there will be no conclusions about Kadyrov.


The killers and intermediaries are associated with security forces of Chechnya, which cast a shadow on Kadyrov (please see our earlier posts). An opinion was floated earlier about Nemtsov’s pro-Charlie Ebdo position and the murder being a revenge based on religious motives. Some believe that no matter the reason, the killers and intermediaries did not realize that the purpose was to set up Kadyrov and cause a rift between him and Putin, as he is one of Putin’s strongest supporters and a pillar of peace in Chechnya. This is why El Murid thinks the award goes to show that those attempts will not succeed.

My opinion: if Putin wanted to kill Nemtsov, then why would Putin’s investigation disclose a trail directly to one of Putin’s closest friends, Kadyrov? Or why would Kadyrov leave a trail to himself? Since we can only guess about the information which is available to Putin, the award in itself is a confirmation that Kadyrov’s reputation could have been a target , and the award is a signal.

But, expectedly, we should hear from the anti-Putin media that “Putin rewarded Kadyrov for Nemtsov’s murder.” 

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