Was Nemtsov killed because his cover as a Kremlin asset was blown?


March 1, 2015
Yulia Brazhnikova – Cont
Translated by Kristina Rus

Political senselessness of Nemtsov’s murder is obvious. It will not cause a wave of popular anger, nor attempts to change the state order. Criticisms by Boris Nemtsov looked so naive, that played into the hands of the authorities, putting down the opposition in the eyes of citizens. He was not only harmless, but in this sense, even useful. With such enemies, as they say, there is no need for friends.

In general, there is something wrong with the fifth column in Russia. In other countries they have many supporters, they fight for influence and keep the ruling party in tone. In Russia, despite all the buckets of mud, regularly poured by the liberals on the heads of the Kremlin leaders, their value is dropping rapidly day by day.

All anti-government activities somehow are unpopular. Attempts to organize marches and rallies do not gather many participants. The statements of leading “leftist” activists more often provoke laughter, so powerless they are in their malevolence, and their arguments cause vague doubts about the level of their education. The speakers are only concerned about flexing their intellectual qualities, and not presenting their position or supporting the discussion. In some cases, their speech is so tactless that it humiliates not the opponents, but the speakers.

Probably, our overseas partners did not expect such a toothless opposition, when they embedded it on the Russian expanses. Pragmatic America needs results, and they are not interested in nurturing agents, who then become losers, and discredit the very idea of the opposition. And if our opponents, so sophisticated in their evil, resort to such cruel and bloody provocations and sacrificial murders, in fact, such actions are not useless. It’s just that their reason and purpose are not what they seem.

The idea for the murder was likely given by Nemtsov himself. On February 10, in the interview, he, under the influence of some fatal impulse, cited his mother’s concerns about Putin. And although he didn’t talk about the direct threat, as it turned out, the pretext was immediately taken advantage of [turns out the idea about a threat from Putin was just imagination of the editors]. No sooner said than done. This suggests that the murder was planned in advance, and the careless allusion was just a convenient trigger.

One of the theories of the tragedy was suggested by the most popular internet-analysts: Nemtsov’s murder is a way to inspire the lazy opposition for more important feats. In other words, the liberals are not giving their money’s worth. Russian Maidan is not materializing, a coup is not even a thought in a very distant future. And the main thing that annoys Western revolution specialists is the rating of the Russian President which does not want to fall. It is not clear in this case what their “proxys” are engaged in. 

With specific regard to Nemtsov – his passionate rhetoric was more amusing and seemed like a game, not sharp, but deliberately ridiculous. It’s as if he specifically chose completely implausible accusations against his opponents that look ridiculous in the eyes of the Russian public. And though long and strong ties of Boris Nemtsov with the United States are not to be questioned, his behavior was somehow not American. This is not the style of State Department – he has no malice, nor aggression, nor inhuman cold pragmatism of the New World.

I wonder why he was not corrected? Where were all his speechwriters and image-makers? Why his friends-liberals did not push him away, if he could not cope with the responsibility to discredit the government, and Putin in particular? I think, if not the opposition itself, then its American owners should have long ago gotten rid of the politician, who shows them in an unfavorable light.

However, according to relatives and friends, Boris Efimovich was not a naive critic of the Kremlin. Why would he? Education of a physical scientist in any case provides a good logical basis and sober thinking. Besides, after a long and varied political career, he should have gained some experience. But then such attacks in the spirit of the offended third grader are hardly the fault of Nemtsov – it seems that he, mildly speaking, was playing a fool on purpose. Such a teenage style, which painted an overall very primitive level of the Russian opposition, was chosen not accidentally.

Pay attention to the sincerity of grief over the death of Boris Nemtsov. The crowd on the bridge and the mountain of flowers is genuine. On the background of a general dislike of liberals, who, are often, deservedly so, considered collaborators, compassion expressed for Nemtsov, killed under explicitly political circumstances, suggests that his anti-government position is not so simple – people cannot be deceived. The true traitor of the Motherland will not have so much sympathy.

The murder itself has too many oddities, as always in such cases. And yet it is not like ordinary domestic or political case:

– witness left alive,

– too many shots,

– the shots fired at the back (a killer, especially in such close contact, shoots in the front in the area of the heart)

– too many mistakes,

– there is no final shot to the head,

– very suspicious snowplow.

At the same time the precision of actions is astounding. Likely the route and the timing of the snowplow was calculated. Deliberate negligence allowed in order to divert suspicion from the involvement of any special agencies. A clear handwriting makes it easier to find a professional. As in the July false flag on a subway, everything was done too unprofessionally. And, despite the apparent amateurism, in both cases, the crime was successful.

Hardly a politician with such experience as Nemtsov, could easily bite on a fake model beauty, and even from Ukraine. Of course, a honey trap could work. But to sit with her in a café in the open, and then walk the streets in downtown Moscow – why so openly demonstrate your relationship to the public? Most likely, the girl promised some sort of “extremely important” information about the next Kiev provocation, which she could not share in the walls of an apartment or office. Then asked for a meeting in a public place. Very naturally.

By the way, if you didn’t notice, the information about the activities of Nemtsov in connection with the Ukrainian crisis began to leak online only after his death. According to experts, it is not very clear in what capacity he appeared in Kiev. The fact of his engagement in such a serious business testifies to a rather high profile of Boris Nemtsov, and certainly not about his stupidity.

Let’s start with the fact that such a well-known and strongly associated with America politician would simply be blocked from access to Kiev, if he really could somehow interfere there with the interests of Russia. In connection with the war in Novorossia, which is already for a year hanging on the brink of WWIII, Putin is playing an incredibly fragile game on the edge of a razor blade, not allowing the warring parties to slip into fiery chaos. And anyone who decided to rudely interrupt and disturb the delicate balance would be dealt with not now, but a year ago or even earlier. Hence, Nemtsov’s visit to Kiev and his “friendship” with Poroshenko in fact did not contradict the Russian political discourse.

Then why did he take on such a strange task – for many years to represent a character, which is likely to appeal to the Ukrainian rulers? Essentially, he played the role of major politician from Russia, who, being in opposition to the government really wants to help the “emerging Kiev democracy”; the role of sincere opponent and a personal enemy of the Russian President (remember his behavior at the beginning of 2012). Even the level of his statements has been adjusted specifically for the lowered by the Western psychotherapists intelligence of ukra-idiots.

It turns out, for example, that Boris Efimovich simply played Poroshenko about the “evidence of the presence of Russian military in Ukraine”. A perfect excuse to enter the trust circle – of course, the junta immediately got on the hook of such a valuable informant. So far such evidence has not even been provided by the CIA. Why would Nemtsov suddenly have it? It turns out that he deliberately deceived the Kiev authorities. The only explanation – it was a good disguise to infiltrate behind enemy lines. The result is known to all: the defeat of the Ukrainian troops, ending of hostilities and the Minsk agreement, meaning fiasco of the State Department policy in Ukraine.

From all the above, it follows that Nemtsov’s actions, judging by their results, were not at all directed against Putin. But then all of his emotional criticisms addressed to the President, mysterious trips to Kiev, contacts with overseas partners and their proteges was only a smokescreen. The real activities of Boris Nemtsov were carried out under the opposite ideological banner. And his true goals look in a completely different light:

1. Discrediting the Russian opposition.

2. Embedding in the midst of the Kiev junta, which led to the failure of the American mission in Ukraine.

There may only be one conclusion: the staunch opposition leader Boris Nemtsov actually was an agent and an informer of the Kremlin.

His murder was not a sacrifice to accuse Putin, although, of course, our “friends” will not miss such an opportunity. This is not to scare the poorly performing liberals, although the murder must play this role as well. After several failures in Ukraine and in the activities of the fifth column, the foreign intelligence agencies finally found the “mole” and realized that Nemtsov actually worked for the Kremlin, passing back information directly from the camp of the enemy and preventing provocations.

The inglorious end of the ATO, the success of Minsk, the failure of the Russian Maidan – is largely to his credit. The stupid behavior of Ukrainian generals is explained not only by their incompetence, but also by the false information about Russian intentions supplied to them. To supply them with fakes of such level could only be done by a prominent Russian politician, whom the junta fully trusted. And when our American competitors learned about it, of course, they were furious and brutally murdered the agent under their nose, who was one of the most true friends of Putin. 

Now it is obvious why for a leading role of a seasoned opposition leader was nominated such a safe figure, without a political weight. Most likely, Nemtsov quite a long time ago was just slipped to the fifth column and the Western and American intelligence agencies, standing behind it. And embedded him in terms of his “proximity to the Emperor”. That is, the game was not double, but triple. Of course, it went on for quite a long time. And, of course, even the closest people were not aware of it.

The immediate cause of the murder – the involvement of Nemtsov in the next provocation. His proximity to the government showed the enemy how to use him to strike at the heart of the Kremlin. The ideological basis of the next plot was a disagreement of quite high-ranking figures with the Russian foreign policy course and the resulting inevitable economic reforms. Not everyone has unconditionally accepted import substitution, the apparent pivot to the state control and a return to some socialist principles of the social structure. However, Nemtsov, according to his relatives, was in principle against any radical solutions and bloody massacres. He was trying to prevent another, clearly failed provocation, dissuading his liberal colleagues. This caused suspicion from his curators, a thorough investigation and ruthless elimination.

Nemtsov was killed on the background of the Kremlin towers, in order to first, show that he was outed, and secondly, to demonstrate that the next one may be someone behind the Kremlin walls.

The genuine sorrow and indignation of the Russian authorities is clear – they know who really was Nemtsov and why he died. The loss of such a devoted colleague, especially associated with the most significant projects of the enemy, in such a dangerous time is irreplaceable. The cries of the Kiev junta are understandable: the puppets will not be notified of the master’s affairs.

This article is largely inspired by the need to rehabilitate the good name of Boris Nemtsov. Often for truth and honesty you have to pay the highest price – life. Unfortunately, in such cases, only death breaks the veil of mystery and remains the only argument in favor of the truth, but not always.

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