Was Nemtsov’s murder fruitless? The “Russian Maidan” turns into a “Rally of the Patriots”


Photo: RT

March 1, 2015
Sergey Zheleznyak, Deputy Chairman of Russian State Duma 
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Thank you to all who participated in the memorial event dedicated to the death of Boris Nemtsov, expressed their grief and and did not allow to use this tragedy to radicalize the protest, which was designed by the masterminds of this shooting.

Murderers and sponsors of the death of Boris Nemtsov, as well as the perpetrators of other crimes should be established by investigation and be held accountable by the court. All theories and evidence should be examined to establish the truth. No crime should go unpunished.

Our common goal is not to allow the death of Boris Nemtsov to implement destructive plans against Russia on the part of those who are behind this murder.”

Kristina Rus:

Did Putin outsmart the West once again? No matter who came up with the idea, but it was brilliant – those who wanted to pay respects to Nemtsov, but did not want to be used for the body count in the anti-Putin anti-government opposition rally, brought a Russian flag, and collectively turned the “Russian Maidan” into a “Patriotic Rally”.

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