WWII tank-monument “Joseph Stalin” from Konstantinovka became the first tank of Novorossia


March 17, 2015

Kristina Rus

The Russians will make even a monument shoot, when necessary 

You can take this as an advertisement of Russian military products, but I just wanted to remind our readers that today is not the first time Konstantinovka topped headlines from Donbass.

Some of you may have heard of the tank-monument “Joseph Stalin” (IS-3), which was restarted by DPR militia back in June, 2014. The tank stood on a pedestal in downtown Konstantinovka since WWII. Little did the residents of Konstantinovka know, it was not just a testament to the past, but to the future, as well! Their city monument became the first tank of Novorossia 70 years after the WWII.

RIA Novosti reported on June 6, 2014:

“Its gun D-25T can use the hotwitzer shells D-30. “Since we have access to the warehouses of weapons, we can use the tank in a battle”, – reported the militia. According to the representatives of the militia, the tank is already taken off the pedestal, but remains in Konstantinovka, where clashes between the militia and the army are not yet conducted. This is the first tank that entered service for the DPR militia – previously they only had an APC and BMD, taken from units of the Ukrainian army.”

From video above:

“Joseph Stalin” attacked a checkpoint in Ulyanovka, Krasnoarmeysk district, resulting in three dead and three wounded on the Ukrainian side, and no losses on our side, reported the militia in Slavyansk to RIA Novosti.

IS-3 was developed in 1944-1945, it entered production in May, 1945 and therefore was not used in WWII, but was used in 1956 to suppress the Budapest revolt.

Konstantinovka was under DPR control from April, 2014 until July 7, 2014, when Strelkov’s departure from Slavyansk resulted in withdrawing of DPR forces from half the territory of DPR. 

After the arrival of Kiev authorities all the local police staff in Konstantinovka were given a lie detector test to check the level of their patriotism. 60% failed and were “lustrated”. 

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