Yandex search engine reveals the difference between Russian and Ukrainian dreams


March 3, 2015

Andre Palitsa, Facebook

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Search engine auto fill feature turns out to be a pretty interesting indicator of public opinion. If you type into a Yandex search engine the words “how to go to …” in Russian, you will get a peak into the hopes and dreams of Russian Yandex users:

“How to go to…”: 

“volunteer in Donbass”

“fight for DPR”

“to Donbass as a volunteer”

“to Thailand on your own”

“to fight in Ukraine as a volunteer”

“to America on your own”

“to fight for the militia”

“to Japan on your own”

“to Baikal on your own”

“to volunteer in Ukraine from Russia”

Now, let’s try this in Ukrainian:

“How to go”:

“to Poland for work”

“to Poland”

“to America”

“to Canada for work”

“to USA”

“to work abroad”

“to Israel for work”

“to Israel”

“to Czech republic for work”

…and the best one:

“to Russia”

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