Yanukovich’s son drowned in lake Baikal in Russia


Viktor Yanukovich Junior

March 23, 2015
Kristina Rus

Friends of Viktor Yanukovich confirmed the death of his son, Viktor, going by his mother’s name Davydov for security reasons.

Russian authorities confirmed an incident with a minivan falling into lake Baikal through ice with five passengers, in the area of the lake prohibited for travel.

Viktor Davydov was on vacation on lake Baikal. He was behind the wheel, the four passengers got out safely.

Irkutsk media reported that his body has been flown to Crimea.

PS Russian bloggers are posting pictures of dead Donbass kids, blaming karma for Yanukovich Senior being too soft and indecisive and giving up the country and the population, entrusted to him, too easily for destruction.

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