Yatsenyuk reportedly obtained a Canadian passport


 Prime Minister Yatsenyuk showing the size of…something.


In anticipation of vengeance: Yatsenyuk obtained a Canadian passport

By Nyka_Huldra

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian Maidaneks, at least those whose whose brains
are still functioning, realize that their creation will unavoidably lead to an outburst
of vengeance. With that in mind, they are opening lines of retreat and
preparing reserve airfields. But only those who can afford it.

If one is to believe PolitNavigator, Yatsenyuk recently
obtained a second passport, having received Canada’s citizenship. Canada does
not prohibit dual citizenship, while it is forbidden by law in Ukraine.
Incidentally, a Canadian citizenship would be a guarantee of Yatsenyuk’s and
his family’s life by “western partners” should the events take a more radical

Canada was one of the first countries which recognized the
February 2014 Yatsenyuk government after the coup. So far there are no
documents proving his Canadian citizenship, however, this is not a unique

The web site Ukrainskaya Pravda reported about the Israeli
citizenship of the current head of the Poroshenko Block, Yuriy Lutsenko.

Media reported that Vitaliy Klichko is a German citizen.
Klichko had strenuously denied these allegations.

Kolomoysky openly announced his triple citizenship. The media
also wrote about the reputed US citizenship held by SBU head Valentin

Bloomberg confirms that Minister of Finances of Ukraine
Natalya Yaresko likewise has dual citizenship. One does not give up US
citizenship overnight, it’s a process that can take several years. Bloomberg
writes: “the current law prohibits her to have two passports. She has several
years to give up her US citizenship. It’s hard to imagine she’ll stay at that
job that long.” Bloomberg nevertheless confirms that Yaresko is both a US and
Ukrainian citizen.

J.Hawk’s Comment: One would be tempted to dismiss that as a
rumor, except for the fact that, as noted above, Yatsenyuk would be in a very “good”
company if he had a dual citizenship, plus it 
is consistent with the now-prevailing reporting that Yatsenyuk’s days as
prime minister are numbered. Moreover, PolitNavigator is a well-informed source—the
article the blog cites refers to “a source in the Rada”.

Nothing will change until the IMF’s next tranche, but after
that all bets are off. It’s not clear what that will mean. Genuine peace on the
Donbass? A night of long knives? A new round of fighting?  Regional fragmentation (as opposed to
federalization) giving oligarchs more autonomy in their fiefdoms? We’ll see
soon enough. However, only a month ago everybody was predicting Poroshenko’s
imminent downfall. It would seem that Minsk-2 heralded a major course change
for Ukraine. Because, let’s face it, Yatsenyuk’s main attraction was that he
promised to deliver billions of foreign aid. That’s it. As a prime minister he’s
mediocre. Now that the most Ukraine can count on is an IMF loan with stringent
conditions, what good is Yatsenyuk? He had failed to deliver what he promised,
so he’ll be let go as soon as money is in the bank and the Kiev elite will
undergo yet another reshuffle.

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