Yuriy Borisov: The Russian military will receive 4 T-50 fighters in 2015



Yuriy Borisov: The Russian military will receive 4 T-50 fighters in 2015

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The aviation factory in Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur should supply
four T-50 fighters for the Russian military to conduct flight tests. This
announcement was made by the Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Borisov.

According to Borisov, in addition to the 4 T-50’s, the plant
will also supply 14 multi-purpose Su-35 fighters, and 5 Su-30M2.

“We came to observe the rhythm of fulfilling the orders.
Everything looks to be on schedule,” Borisov said after the visit to the plant.

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Borisov also said that this year’s first Su-35 will be
delivered to the VVS in June. “After that we’ll receive two Su-35s each month,”
Borisov added, noting that the aircraft are already being assembled.

“The mood among the workers is workmanlike, we are also
happy because we see that the plant is capable of fulfilling the plan,” Borisov
noted. He also reminded that the Russian VVS are also receiving aircraft from
the Irkut Corporation. According to Borisov, “we love the both and ensure they
have orders.”

The PAK-FA (T-50) is a fifth-generation fighter whose serial
deliveries ought to begin in 2016. Five such aircraft were built by the end of
2014, additional three were in various stages of completion. The United Aviation
Industry Corporation announced earlier that the Russian VVS should receive 55
of these fighters by 2020.

J.Hawk’s Comment: These are still pre-production models, and
the T-50 has not yet been accepted for service, otherwise it would have
received a Su-** designation by now that all Sukhoi designs receive.

There is only one comparable aircraft in the world today,
the US F-22. All other aircraft, such as the Eurofighter or France’s Rafale,
are at best comparable to the Su-35 which is represents the ultimate
development of the Su-27.

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