Yushchenko advises Ukrainians to stock up on salt and matches



Yushchenko advises Ukrainians to stock up on salt and matches

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Viktor Yushchenko advised Ukrainians to stock up on matches
and salt since the IMF credit will not save the country’s economy.

He made that recommendation on the Shuster Live show on
March 13.

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Ukraine’s third president said that the IMF loan of $17.5
billion is unbelievably small.

“The best sanction against Russia is help to Ukraine.
Investments in the range of $200, $300, $400 billion. A Marshall Plan. How do
we mobilize investors to come to Ukraine? They are not in business to do
favors. We should offer our resources: bridges across the Dnepr, the Black Sea
continental shelf, the Dnepr Riviera”, Yushchenko shared his thoughts.

“I’m not talking about European countries. These figures are
slightly larger than Ukraine annual balance of payments deficit. But all we got
is a four-year credit. We’re like the Jew who haggles over eggs. We won’t even
have enough money to make change,” Yushchenko concluded.

J.Hawk’s Comment: He is right, right, and wrong. Yes, the
figure of $17.5 billion is laughably small. Yes, Ukraine has plenty of
resources to offer. But what makes Yuschchenko think Western investment funds
won’t get the Dnepr bridges, the continental shelf, the Dnepr Riviera, and much
else besides, for fraction of the cost Yushchenko mentions? Ukraine is
desperate, and desperate borrowers are the best borrowers of all, according to
Western lenders. After all, if the investment doesn’t pan out, they can always
sell all of that to…Russian billionaires…

Oh, one last thing. That little bit about Jews haggling over
eggs? Use it on every Western politician you come across. They’ll LOVE IT.
Trust me.

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