Zakharchenko suggests Kolomoysky create the Dnepropetrovsk Republic



DPR head suggests Kolomoysky create Dnepropetrovsk Republic

By Nyka_Huldra

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Kolomoysky is the de-facto master of that territory, and
Kiev has to negotiate with it, said DPR head Zakharchenko. Kolomoysky said
earlier that he considers the heads of LPR and DPR to be the real government there,
no matter what Kiev thinks about them.


“I propose that Kolomoysky create the Dnepropetrovsk
Republic of Kolomoysky—the DRK. That would be only just. And why not? There
already is a DPR. DRK would be a good republic…Kolomoysky is the de facto master
of that territory, the real government there, and Kiev has to negotiate with
him,” Zakarchenko told the journalists.

Kolomoysky earlier said that he considers DPR and LPR heads
Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy to be the real government, no matter what Kiev
thinks about them. DPR deputy chairman Denis Pushilin in response said that the
statement was a blow to Poroshenko’s authority. Mass media published experts’
opinions that Kolomoysky could offer his assistance to DPR and LPR, and thus
create an anti-Kiev coalition.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Stranger things have happened. Even
stranger things are yet to happen. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, fleas and all. Let’s keep in mind that nothing Zakharchenko said is untrue.
Kolomoysky is the government of the Dnepropetrovsk Region. Kiev does have to
negotiate with him. At this point even an exchange of fire between Poroshenko’s
and Kolomoysky’s battalions is not out of the question.

Kolomoysky is playing this card deliberately and
consciously. He event went so far as to predict the possibility of a large-scale uprising in Dnepropetrovsk against Kiev, something he was careful to say he did not want to see happen. Poroshenko’s options are to back down (thus undermining his own
hold on the country and encouraging other oligarchs) or to challenge Kolomoysky
directly (thus risking a DRK which would lead to Ukraine’s further
splintering). Not to mention that a DRK would likely lead to a Kharkov republic and make it rather difficult for the UAF to continue operating against the Donbass…

Not everybody seems to think the Poroshenko faction has the upper hand:

“If Kolomoysky does not obey Avakov’s order to disarm in 24 hours, Avakov will remove Kolomoysky as a friend on Facebook.”–a clear allusion to Avakov’s penchant to post orders and directives on social media, which is of course what ministers with real power do.

Officially, the Russian government rules out dealing with
Kolomoysky. What happens unofficially is probably a very different story.

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