A Letter from Natalia Buzina


April 22, 2015

Natalia Buzina

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Hello. My name is Natalia. I am the wife of Oles Buzina. I know that on such occasions the wives are assigned a different title. Mournful, gloomy, depressing only in the combination of letters. But I don’t accept it. The power of the spirit of Oles is tremendous. It is not limited by the confines of the flesh, or three-dimensional space. Oles was in that storm that came from nowhere after the shots. And then wept for us, poor, with the rain and snow on the day of the funeral. He always had a way with the elements.

Yes, I know that I will never bring him green tea with honey to bed. And instead of “Thank you!” he will not murm: “Scratch my back.” We will never walk at night to the pond to listen to the frog chorus and admire a Gogol night. And he will not say: “Nowhere there are such frogs as in Ukraine!”

I know for sure: you who committed this crime, have never been as happy as Oles. And hardly loved anyone in your life. Perhaps you even have children, wives and gray-haired mothers. But you’re lying to them! You don’t love them! And they will never pray for you when you need it.

And Oles loved everyone. “Ukrops” and “colorados”, Ukrainians and Russians, Jews and Tatars. He wanted to reconcile all of us in our common home – Ukraine. And never left his land when trouble came: “I can’t leave my khokhlyats (Ukrainians). They are confused. I must help them.”

Thank you, dear, for your response. Oles lives in each of your messages.

And for those who want to capitalize on this, I say: please, respect his name and honor! Don’t gossip about him out of greed! Don’t tear him into pieces for yourself! He can not answer you anymore! But he has a Supreme Protector.

Natalia Buzina

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