A message from Donetsk resident


April 29, 2015

Peter Rybakov (Facebook)

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

A message from Donetsk resident:

About Russia, Moscow and Novorossia, Ukraine and Kiev. In two days staying in Moscow saw 6 tents with the collection of aid to the victims in Donbass. I was touched to tears. Stopped to talk with one woman in a tent on the subject of how to send humanitarian aid home. People passing by constantly put money in the box. And I thought, they are collecting and sending aid to Donbass – at the state level, volunteers, activists from all over Russia, sometimes risking their lives, ordinary people collecting aid on a simple human level. 

At the same time, in Kiev there are the same boxes. Only they collect help for the killing of the inhabitants of Donbass, and Kiev residents with the same enthusiasm donate not for warm clothes and food for babies, but for body armor and food for the army of killers of these babies. 

And more. Went today to a private clinic in Moscow to do a check up, started filling out the paperwork, as soon as they learned that I am from Donetsk – the whole staff gathered around me, flatly refused to take any money. Circled around me so much that made my head spin. I left in shock. Imagined how “happy” they would be to see me in a Kiev hospital. 

How unjustly we were abandoned 23 years ago one-on-one with total strangers! I am counting the days to when we go home, back to Russia…

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