A truck with humanitarian aid for Debaltsevo kids passes through a narrow strip of a blown-up bridge (video)


April 13, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

– Debaltsevo – a daycare which remained in tact by a miracle. There is a day group, and the kids, whose homes have been destroyed, stay overnight. We brought humanitarian aid, collected by the children of Belgorod and Shebekino [Russia] at our schools. Whatever is most needed by the kids – food, diapers, school supplies. We believe that our help will help make it through these troubled times, will cheer up the kids and grown ups, and help them recover and move on. The destruction is widespread, now it is important for grown ups to work, and for kids to be in daycare

– A big thank you to you!

– And, you too, for your strength and patience. And let God give you peace!

P.S. In DPR, as in Ukraine and Russia, and other former Soviet republics, the Soviet practice of public daycares was kept. Besides public schools, daycares for kids up to 6 years old (which function as a daycare, preschool and kindergarten for different age groups) are also provided by the state to all kids for free or at a low cost. Even in the bombed cities of Novorossia restoring public daycares along with schools was the first priority for the new republics.

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