Accident at the South-Ukrainian Nuclear Power Station


April 11, 2015
@Dima Pitersky
Translated by Kristina Rus

Auto-protection feature turned off the generator at the Southern-Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant, reported Korrespondent, citing the press service of “Energoatom” company.

Background radiation, according to the company, is at a normal level. Emissions of radioactive substances do not exceed permissible values.

“On April 11 at 14.37 at the energy block #3 of the South-Ukrainian NPP, the generator was disabled by the auto-electrical safety feature. Probably the cause of the outage was the loss of generator excitation”, – stated the message.

It is noted that the incident had no connection with the operation of Westinghouse fuel, and relates exclusively to the operation of the electrical part of equipment.

In March, the specialists of the South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant completed the download of the upgraded TVS-WR fuel, produced by the American-Japanese company “Westinghouse,” into the reactor of the third energy block of the power station.

P. S. Shouldn’t have left them nuclear power plants. Should have taken the reactors along with nuclear weapons. It will not end well.

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