Andre Fursov: The Rothschilds want to sacrifice the dollar, but the Rockefellers don’t (video)


April 12, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

A leading Russian historian Andre Fursov was interviewed by a leading Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin in 2009, but it is still relevant today. 

MD: Here is the key question, if there are the “new nomads”, what is the name of today’s Genghiz Khan? 

AF: Its a collective name, collective leadership. But it is far from united. The Rothschilds are ready to sacrifice the dollar, but not the Rockefellers. And Obama, who will receive the Nobel Peace prize will sacrifice his bones to defend the dollar. 

MD: He doesn’t have many bones.

AF: He doesn’t have many bones, but a dissatisfaction is growing in regards to Obama. Our media is concealing a number of facts, for example, on September 12 of this year, there was a rally in DC of a million people. In comparison, in February 1990, 240-280 thousand marched in Russia, shouting “Long live the Communist Party!” and it was very impressive. They shouted: “Obama, get out of the White House!” Obama quickly jumped into a helicopter and went to a meeting of 15,000. There is information online and in print, people are buying up ammo in America, because they believe that America is moving towards a serious crisis, a serious shake up, so the demand for ammo in America is through the roof. When Obama became president, there were 11 or 12 donor states in America, now there is only one donor state – Texas. 

MD: This is way cooler then us. We have more then 10. And even considering the crisis, we have 8 donor regions.

AF: This is the issue of official information. The official information tells us – there are some problems in the West, but overall it’s OK. In reality it’s not OK, there are many problems. And as they say: “Don’t let the “White” bastards rejoice, we will die today, and they will die tomorrow.” In reality it may be the opposite. 

MD: Right now there is a global crisis. Roughly speaking, there are two competing groups, which comprise one whole, and compete with each other within this whole – the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who disagree among themselves, in particular about the dollar. What other groups are there, of the same caliber, or are there only two? 

AF: In reality we know very little about the structure of the world capitalist class. In the USSR they stopped seriously researching he capitalist system at the end of the 1950’s, as in science, as well as by special agencies.  For example, Stalin’s private intelligence seriously researched the ruling Western families.  Hitler’s team seriously researched the world elites. For example, Hitler’s team which researched the Western elite families had 1,936,000 cards and 670 thousand files, including the Freemasons.

By the way, the Rothschilds’ and the Freemasons’ archives ended up in the USSR after the war. Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsyn gave the Freemasons’ archives to the Freemasons, and the Rothschilds’ archives to the Rothchilds. And the situation was very peculiar. The Rotchsilds bought a very important for us thing for $300 thousand – a correspondence between Alexander the II and his wife, countess Yuryevskaya, 4,500 letters were presented to Russia, and we made a response gesture. We exchanged gold for beeds.

MD: Land to the peasants, plants to workers…

AF: Archives – to the Rothschilds. As one Western analyst said, the Rothschilds bought for money what cannot be purchased for any money. The only archive remaining in Russia and awaiting its researchers (unless it will be sold), is the archive of a German institute, which has no analogue in the world – Ahnenerbe

AF: As I was told, in order to work with this archive, you need to have the first level clearance, and those who have it, have never even heard about Ahnenerbe.

MD: And as a rule they don’t even know the language.

AF: And those who heard of it, don’t have such clearance.

MD: Understood, but what about the Chinese elites, who are rising fast on the foundation of the Chinese state,  are they global players?

AF: I think, it is not so simple. Of course, China is fighting for it’s place under the sun, but we have to take into account one thing.  Since the Chinese think of themselves as the center of the world and the Universe, as one famous Chinese expert noted, for them to offer a global model to the world is below their self esteem. They are not a global civilization. The Chinese are interested in one very important thing. When we talk about China, we have to remember that a third of Chinese history is a pattern of decay-revolt-collapse. The Chinese leadership knows this very well. It is very good at propaganda. When the Chinese leadership says that by 2050 China will achieve a very good economic level, they understand well, what will follow, because after a good economic level, in China always follows revolt and decay, especially considering that this level will be achieved in the coastal provinces, and the rest will suck their thumb.  So what are the Chinese doing today? They forecast that after 2050 and perhaps earlier China may crumble, and this fragmentation may continue for 50-70 years. Their mission is to weaken their opponents along the perimeter in a way, that for 50-70 years they will not be able to benefit from it. The Chinese are very good.

MD: Considering the global framework, China’s perimeter is the entire world.

AF: The perimeter is Russia, US. Europe is very far. The Chinese always saw Europe as a counterweight to America.

I don’t think that the Chinese elites can seriously play on the world stage. The situation is very simple, in my opinion: No matter how strong is the Chinese economy, it has a very fragile social and ecological system. The talks about China’s bright future in the 21st century very much remind me the talks about Russia’s future in the beginning of the 20th century in Russia and the West: “Russia will beat everyone by the 1930’s!” But they didn’t consider a very fragile social structure, which had cracked. In this sense you should not believe the economists with their forecasts.  Besides, many of our China experts are paid for by the Chinese and work accordingly.

MD: Even if they are not paid by the Chinese, people tend to have a bias towards the subject they research.

AF: Absolutely, just like our China experts used to say, that everything was bad, and missed the rise. Now they say that everything is excellent, want to be friends, and miss the negative factors. 

MD: In spite of the local goals which they have, China objectively is a global player, and although they have local goals, they still act on the world stage. 

AF: In the framework of globalization, the contradiction between the global and the local level is removed. Robinson, who created the term “globalization”, a few years later said the term was wrong, it should be “glocalization”, but the term “globalization” has already widespread and it was impossible to stop it.  

MD: Can this Chinese elite group, may be even subconsciously, stand up to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds in their mission to get rid of the middle class and lower the costs until total annihilation? 

AF: If it will fit into the interests of this group, I don”t know about countering, but to help – they can.

MD: But the liquidated middle class will include the middle class of China.

AF: And this is a very serious contradiction in China. In reality the space for maneuver is very small. Zinovyev told me, that when he lived in America and worked in one of the closed American institutes in the beginning of the 1970’s, he saw all the materials about our future Perestroika – how the USSR will be destroyed, and saw the materials about the future “attacks” against China. And if Perestroika was conceived as an attack in the information sphere, in regards to China, the plan was a sharp increase of the rift in the standard of living between the coastal and inland population, or provoking a social conflict.

MD: Well, the general conception is clear, the time will show whether nationally oriented people can withstand this and what will come out of it, good luck!

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