Bloomberg: Ruble is the best currency, up 14% in February


April 7, 2015
Mikhail Delyagin 
Translated by Kristina Rus


General Director of the Institute of Globalization problems, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Mikhail Delyagin, commented about the sensational announcement of the authoritative U.S. news agency, Bloomberg in a conversation with the observer from KM.RU:

– This recognition should be taken literally. Indeed, for short-term investments the Russian ruble, because of its devaluation, and also because of the fall of our stock market last year, has truly become the best investment.

The ruble went up by 14% in February of this year, it still continues to grow, our stock market is growing, recovering in currency terms. At least until July this situation will continue for sure. So from the investment point of view, the ruble really is by far the best currency today, it is an objective assessment.

– Is it really the beginning of the “peace process” in Ukraine that influenced the positions of our currency, as stated by Bloomberg?

– This is a typical Western view. Let me remind you that after the first and second “Minsk agreements” the West initiated the corresponding wave of sanctions against Russia. This can hardly be attributed to a random coincidence. The West “punished” us both times for the fact that we tried to disrupt their plans in Ukraine, sought to at least to stop the bloodshed.

Our attempts at a peaceful settlement of the conflict twice became the cause for actions that did not explicitly provided for the strengthening of the ruble. In this light, the current comments about the positive value of “Minsk” are an obvious example of banal hypocrisy. They say, look, our sanctions were not so hard, since your ruble is doing so well.

This needs to be treated as a manifestation of a signature Western hypocrisy and nothing more.

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