Business first: Ukraine could export tanks, while begging for military aid around the world


April 21, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

It is more profitable to export “Oplot” tanks, than to use them in the ATO zone, said the first Deputy General Director of “Ukroboronprom”  (state defense enterprise “Ukrainian Defense Manufacturing”), Sergey Pinkas, reports the press service of the “Ukroboronprom”.

In his view, a share of the company’s products, which are not essential for the execution of battle tasks in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation, should be exported, and the profits used to modernize the Ukrainian army.

“Bulats” are made in Kharkov, at the Malyshev plant, they are adopted and actively used in the area of ATO. But “Oplots” are more profitable to export than to use them in the war.

 Export price of “Oplot” – $4.9 million. Better to sell it and use the money to repair and upgrade several dozen T-64 to the level of “Bulat”, – stated the message.


Agree with Pinkas. The goals that are put in front of junta tanks may well be solved by the usual T-64 or BM “Bulat”. The regime never set a goal of survival of crews and ordinary soldiers. It’s not their problem. Will call up new ones. Moreover, no one cancelled the contract with Thailand, and the currency is needed by the plant and by Kiev. 

P. S. Wrote this and thought, what insanity! What Patriotic war? They only have business on their minds. The lives of soldiers are nothing to them. Benefit above all. Pinkas is right, but the capabilities of the tank plant are not infinite, and the manufacturing of “Oplots” will make it impossible to produce other equipment, and therefore, if we follow the logic of the Deputy Director, one should opt out of producing BM “Oplot” and begin a batch production of T-64’s. But no, they want to produce “Oplots”.

I don’t understand, if they understand everything, is this not “zrada” [ukr. – “betrayal”?


Nothing unusual, they must be Putin’s agents!

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