Dead line for registration (phase 1): 14/04/2015
contact us: [email protected]

We inform you that DISS (Donbass International Summer School) a project promoted by IOUCO (International Observatory of the Ukrainian Conflict) has been pre-approved by the DPR Ministry of Education.

We already have created a small Coordination Team with four people: a volunteer from Barcelona who is working in Donetsk in humanitarian aid, a representative of the DPR Ministry of Education and two members of IOUCO network. The Coordination Team may incorporate two or three persons more. We are looking for people with time and enthusiasm to work in the project. The Coordination Team will create an Implementation Team in the last phase of the project with locals from Donetsk.

I) Venue: The DISS may be implemented during the following periods (still is a question we should decide)

A) From 7 till/21 July 2015
B) From 29 July till August 10 2015  (this is the original proposal you will find in the attached picture)

The DISS will have two parts or courses that will last 7 nights each. The participants may participate in one part or in both of them. The Coordination Team will determine if the participants are allowed to participate in the first course or part, the second part or both parts.

II) DISS framework, philosophy and cost: The DISS will consist of a series of lectures, seminars, debates and round tables. The DISS will have as well social, artistic and leisure activities. The DISS will be opened to local students from the Donbass and also to the local population. The DISS will be open as well to foreign students, social activists, journalists, researchers, lecturers interested and able to travel to Donetsk during the days that the DISS will take place. Also to individuals interested in knowing the reality of Donbass.

The fee for participating in DISS will be 80 euros plus 5 euros per day for three meals. We are looking to provide free accommodation to the participants. Free accommodation will be very basic in some dorm, school or refugee house. We will find as well different alternatives of accommodation in better conditions in hotels, private apartments and hostels for affordable prices.

The fee will be used to cover the expenses generated by the project. If the project generates some excedent will be donated to some local NGO’s that are working with elderly or children.

III) The project will have three phases: First Phase (call for speakers, lecturers and performers), Second Phase (open registration to DISS call for participants), Third Phase (implementation)

First phase : Till April 14th we are looking for educators, lecturers, researches, artists, politicians, journalists interested in participating in DISS as speakers, lecturers or performers (in case of artists). There are two modalities of participation:

-Modality A: travelling to Donetsk and participating as a lecturer, speaker or artistic performer.
-Modality B: preparing a lecture or artistic proposal on-line. The lectures should be no longer than 45 minutes. The artistic proposals should not last more than 15 minutes. Participating in this second modality is free of charge.

All the participants (modality A and modality B) will get a certification for the participation in DISS 2015.

Please send us an email with the following information: 

1) Name and surname, nationality, city where are you living right now, e-mail. (and only if you have: Facebook profile, twitter, personal site)2) Your current profession. Company, institution, university or NGO you are working now.3) Languages spoken.4) Attach a small curriculum vitae in English .5) Modality of participation (Modality A or B).6) If you are able to travel to Donetsk which period is better for you? a) From 7/21 July b)From 29 July/August 10 c) I am able to participate at any time.7) Title and abstract of your course, speech or proposal of artistic activity:8) Why do you want to participate in DISS?9) Do yo have any special need? (vegetarian, halal, allergies, diseases, mobility issues)10) Do you want to tell us anything you consider important to know?

Please write in the SUBJECT of your message the following: “DISS Phase 1”. If you don’t write this information we will understand that your message is not related to the call for speakers, lecturers and performers.

All the candidates will be evaluated by the Coordination Team . We will contact all the selected candidates via mail. The Coordination Team will create a Reserve List with candidates that may be contacted if some of the selected candidates finally decide not to participate in the project.

Second Phase: Open registration for all participants starting on Saturday 2/05/2015.

Third Phase Implementation

Additional information will be provided in our facebook group:

and in our IOUCO site:

We ask you kindly to share this information. If you know educators, teachers, journalists, artists or performers that may be interested in participating in the first phase of DISS (call for speakers, lecturers and performers ) do not hesitate to forward this information to them.

From IOUCO we would like to coordinate with other partners (social networks, NGO’s, institutions etc). If you want to join our initiative contact us.

IOUCO 04/04/2015
DISS-Coordination Team 

[email protected]

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