Chernobyl fires getting close to the nuclear waste dump after burning over 10 thousand hectars


April 28, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

The fire in Chernobyl forests

Reportedly the forest fires near the Chernobyl nuclear power  plant turned out more dangerous than it seemed at first and by the evening on April 28 the fire already engulfed about 10 thousand hectares according to Greenpeace (2 hectares according to the junta), coming right up to the area of the radioactive waste dump.

1. At this stage the evacuation of local residents is taking place, as there are no guarantees of rapid containment of the fire.

2. The wind is still blowing towards Belarus, but tomorrow with the same intensity of fire, it is expected that the wind can turn towards Kiev. Background radiation remains within the normal range, at least according to the statements of the junta.

3. National Guard is involved in extinguishing the fires as well as additional fire-fighting crews. The disaster is already being justified by talks that this was unexpected and there were no such fires in Chernobyl area since the beginning of “independence”.

4. Nuclear waste dumps are not currently affected, but considering the terrain, burning of forest containing the decay products of radioactive elements in itself hints at a potential ecological disaster.

5. The junta also announced that allegedly arson was committed (according to other statements – several occasions of arson) 5 kilometers from the radioactive waste dump, although given the fact that at the beginning the fire (which began on April 26) was almost extinguished, we are talking more about criminal negligence, as no proper attention was paid to the fire, which resumed on a whole other scale. It does not look like provocation, most likely idiocy which may backfire. However don’t be surprised if they announce that the forest was set on fire by Putin and the FSB.

6. Regarding the risks of fire, at least during the times of Yanukovich, some steps in this direction have been taken – as much as possible dry radioactive forest was cut, there were even news  of first in Ukraine incinerator of dry radioactive forest. All this was accompanied by traditional begging for money from Europe for Chernobyl. Plus, measures were taken to swamp the terrain, with the aim of reducing the risk of fires (in particular old irrigation channels were blocked). And from time to time the press flashed reports that in addition to servicing the power plant itself and the nuclear dumps, work on fire safety was undertaken. The status of this work after the coup is unclear. Probably, as in many other areas, some degradation occurred on this front. In regards to Chernobyl the junta took a simple step last year by halting social benefits to the victims of Chernobyl. That is, if they were openly saving on people, then what can be said about “fire safety”.

All that’s left is to hope that the fire will be extinguished, because setting the junta aside, this is not a joke.

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