Expert: Democrats are shaking up their electorate through Baltimore riots in time for presidential election



April 29, 2015 

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev:

These riots are stirred by the Obama administration on the eve of the presidential election in order to activate the color electorate. In February, Obama proposed to initiate compulsory voting in America, because the results of the November elections, in which Republicans won and Democrats lost, showed that there was a pretty low turnout of black voters and Hispanic electorate. The whites came out in droves and said their “no”. The election campaign has already started in America. It is already in full swing. And, therefore, the goal is to gradually lead the democratic electorate into a state of combat readiness.

African Americans are the most democratically-minded electorate. Out of ten black people nine vote for the Democrats. Obama last year spoke out in connection with the events in New York, the administration very quietly reiterated — protests against police brutality are good, but they should be peaceful in nature. The current situation seems more complicated, it is related to unresolved racial issues, and their worsening under Obama. Under the impact of the global economic and financial crisis the problems have been intensified. All this together creates a different situation. There is also the desire of the white majority for active suppression. And the election of Obama stimulated this tension.

Everything is complicated by the fact that America is a decentralized country and much is decided at the local level. The white majority just wants to call to order. And the order came from above – to apply force to show who is the boss.

You could say, residents of Baltimore, of course, remember the violent clashes of 1861. I must say that the ideas of social inequality have never died. And since human rights were proclaimed in America, little has changed. Guarantees of rights did not lead to the improvement of the socio-economic situation. And in this respect the African-American community is experiencing continued problems. The revolution of rights has gradually moved into the socio-economic sphere.

The Senator from Maryland Barbara Mikulski called the situation “appalling”: “Violence is unacceptable regardless of who does it. Vandalism is unacceptable no matter who does it, ” – said Mikulski on CNN. — It’s time for peace. It is time to go home and be with kids. It is important to remember that the vast majority of the citizens of Baltimore are law abiding”.  These are American double standards. Of course, if someone breaks glass in Kiev and Lugansk – no one cares. But when it’s in your own home – there is a problem. But this is the specificity of America. The U.S. administration is not struggling with the riots, it is struggling with this system of double standards, they would be happy to tell you about the struggle of workers around the world, but when it comes to their own country, everything flips exactly in the opposite direction.

KR: According to some reports fliers calling for riots were spread among the youth in Baltimore through social media headlined “Purge!”

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