Greece in negotiations to obtain Russian S-300 air defense systems



Greece in negotiations to obtain Russian S-300 air defense systems

By J.Hawk

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Turns out it’s not just Iran that’s interested in the S-300–Greece, a NATO member, is looking into obtaining them too. The subject was on the agenda of Greece’s  Defense Minister Panos Kammenos (who, incidentally, is not a member of the leftist Syriza party but rather of a right euroskeptic Independent Greeks party allied with Syriza) during his visit to Moscow and talks with RF Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

Considering that Greece is under EU/ECB/IMF-imposed budgetary austerity, one has to wonder how these rather expensive weapons might be paid for. Other than cash, what might Greece have that Russia might want? During his visit in Moscow Kammenos also levied strong criticism against EU sanctions and went so far as to say that Ukraine is being governed by fascists–if this is the quid pro quo, it would mean the earlier Russian approach at not fostering division within the EU might be changing. 

The S-300 would not be the first Russian/Soviet weapon system to be used by Greece, which already operates amphibious assault hovercraft. However, the procurement of a weapon system of such prominence would be a major indicator that Greece is starting to realign itself with Russia, and putting distance between itself and both EU and NATO. 

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