Has Fighting Resumed in Donetsk?


April 15th, 2015 –

Press TV – Tehran – (Video below)

Violence is once again flaring up in east Ukraine. At least six soldiers have been killed over the past 24 hours near the city of Donetsk. 

The Ukrainian army has said that a dozen other service members were also injured in fierce clashes with pro-Russia fighters in the east. 

The army has accused the pro-Russia fighters of provocations, adding that the situation in the conflict zone remains unstable. 

In reaction, pro-Moscow militias have accused government troops of firing tank and artillery rounds at their positions. 

The outbreak of violence following a 10-day calm comes as the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France met in Berlin. They have all expressed concern over the violations of the shaky truce that came into force in February.


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Questions and concerns surrounding the recent upsurge in hostilities near Donetsk were addressed on Press TV to Fort Russ’s own Joaquin Flores, who analyzed some of the origins of this increase. 

One critical factor has been the pledge of volunteer battalions like the OUN and Pravy Sektor to reserve the right not to respect the ceasefire. 

Also, a provision of the Minsk II agreement is that volunteer battalions are to disband and join the regular army, which is more directly under the control of the Junta government in Kiev. 

Flores indicates that the OUN and Pravy Sektor battalions may have ‘joined’the 93rd brigade of the UAF under the condition that they be allowed to attack the DPR forces. 

The questions as to whether the OUN and PS groupments have indeed joined the regular UAF, or are independent – or somewhere in between – are not accidental in origin, These ambiguities are part of the information war, as they dissemble reality and create a blurring of the lines between regular and irregular forces, as well as creating confusion about command chains.  Among other things, it may shift responsibility away from traditional structures. 

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