How Oleg Tsarev sneaked a humanitarian convoy into besieged Slavyansk


Oleg Tsarev in Slavyansk in April, 2014

April 27, 2015

Oleg Tsarev

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Exactly one year ago, after the declaration of the ATO, Slavyansk was blocked by the Ukrainian troops. Shortages of medicines and food began in the city. I then as a candidate for President of Ukraine organized a convoy which delivered aid to the besieged city. There were already the first victims, and we were worried that the convoy could get under fire at some of the many Ukrainian checkpoints, and we will not be able to deliver the goods. We were ready to do anything to help people in the besieged city. So, first, we took only volunteers, and secondly, came up with a strategy: the convoy was accompanied by about a hundred cars with Ukrainian women. Women of Ukraine were not about to leave their compatriots in distress and came to help us. They were not only our greatest asset but also our secret weapon. Despite the fact that the battles had already subsided at each checkpoint we had to deal with the military.  At first I came out, showing the documents of a people’s deputy and a presidential candidate, and after our women crowded the soldiers, distracting them with noisy conversations, and paved the way for the convoy with humanitarian aid to Slavyansk.

The next day Avakov had to explain at a press conference how Tsarev could get into a besieged city.


Before you loose all your hope for Ukraine, against the examples of greed, hate, barbarity and historical amnesia, don’t forget that there are also examples of courage, strength an compassion of just the same intensity. 

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