How the Western banks are helping Putin’s capital amnesty


April 2, 2015
Shoroh1 for Cont
Translated by Kristina Rus

Sometimes I think our President has his people not only in the ranks of the Russian fifth and sixth columns, but in the higher echelons of power in the Western countries. Especially in light of these recent events:

1. Our authorities announced that a future capital amnesty represents the only chance for businessmen to return their capital to the country. To give additional weight to the statement, it is said that it will be the only chance in history. Not possible to be more clear about the meaning: “If you didn’t hide, it’s not my fault.”

2. Then the Brits surprise with their demanding the proof of “legal origin of capital” from Russian businessmen. What can I say about this requirement? Only that it grists the mill of Russian amnesty. I must admit that this news brought a smile to my face, because not only Putin for a long time called to begin the return of capital back home voluntarily, but also the West in all its glory showed that if it needs money, it will take it under any pretext, even from the entire state (Libya). And what to say about an individual person?

3. The news from March 30, 2015 from the Iberian Peninsula made me laugh out loud: the Spanish Authorities froze the bank accounts of hundreds of Russians living in the country. But laughing not for a reason “I told you so”, but because the Spanish law on the requirement for the foreigners to declare the origin of capital was adopted back in 2010. These “wealthy Russians” were smart enough to figure out how to withdraw capital from Russia, but how to keep it …they didn’t even bother to contemplate at least slightly. Apparently, they thought that the West is very civilized and no one will take their money there, because the Europeans day and night, wherever they can, repeat the mantra about “the inviolability of private property”. By the way, with this decision, the West began to generously grist to the mill of the Russian amnesty.

Apparently, Russia will adopt the softest capital amnesty option possible, which may greatly appeal to Russian citizens, who withdrew their money to foreign banks and assets, and the Western countries believe that this amnesty will be successful, which is the reason for their attempts to shove their sticks in its wheels.

And to those who hid their capitals in the West, I can only say: welcome to the real world, where you are just an object of the events, but not the subjects, as you thought about yourself. The realization of this will be painful, but you deserve it.

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