“I wonder how often they eat kiwi in the UAF?”–Poroshenko ridiculed for his lunch with US soldiers


April 20, 2015

Poroshenko ridiculed for his appearance with US soldiers

By J.Hawk

What he was specifically ridiculed for during his visit to the 173rd Airborne Brigade soldiers at a training area near Lvov (where they are to train the Ukrainian National Guard, including the Azov Regiment) is the overwhelming quantity of food (by UAF standards) on the trays the soldiers have in front of them. Here are a few comments from Poroshenko’s own facebook feed:

“I wonder how often they eat kiwi in the UAF?”

“How I love these dog-and-pony shows!”

“What, the Commander-in-Chief without compote?”

“Security all around him even in that photo–and he’s not even touched his food!”

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“Here’s how our soldiers really eat”

“That table alone used up the monthly food allowance.”

“Obviously this is not UAF menu, because there’s meat and fruit! Must be part of the agreement with the US…”

“At least in this photo they gave him cutlery!” [a reference to an earlier Poroshenko photo-op with Ukrainian military cadets where Poroshenko sat at a similar table, with food in front of him but without a fork or a knife–as if nobody expected him to actually eat anything…]

“A cynical banderite without candy! What a mess!”

“A royal feast! It would be nice if they fed us like this even once…”

What the comments obviously don’t reflect are US soldiers’ opinions as to how they were fed. But odds are good, given how different the US military menus are, it did not sit all that well with them. In my personal experience, US troops almost never like what they are served in Eastern Europe, no matter how much the locals try to please them. So Poroshenko’s culinary diplomacy likewise fell flat with that audience too. 

I’m a little surprised, though, that Poroshenko’s banana republic/Idi Amin/President-for-Life fake military uniforms, of which he seems to have as many as Imelda Marcos had pairs of shoes, don’t get the ridicule they deserve. I mean, he’s a civilian. He never served anywhere. So what’s with the Chocolate General get-ups?

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