Iran offers a military-political bloc to Russia and China

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April 20, 2015

Den TV

Konstantin Dushenov

Director of Analytical Information Agency “Orthodox Russia”

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

In the name of the father and the son and the Holy spirit, Amen

God help you brothers and sisters! Greetings, dear viewers! 

Recently in Moscow an international security conference was held. 

The organizer of this conference was the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu. 

There were over 40 senior military officials from various countries.

There were Defense Ministers of Iran, China, the most senior military representatives, even from America.

A general international situation was discussed from a military-strategic point of view, from the perspective of the interests of international security.  

Of course opposite points of view were sounded. The Russian generals talked about the West deliberately escalating military hysteria, war psychosis, increasing military pressure on Russia, trying to force it to act in Western interests.

American General on the contrary said that all was well after the collapse of the Soviet Union, smooth and wonderful, and this evil Russia broke the established balance of power and “we are now forced to simply react to this Russian aggression”.

But the most interesting perhaps was the speech of the Minister of Defense of Iran, and in his speech – the most important, and after that repeatedly cited, was the idea that Iran is offering Russia and China to create a joint defense alliance to protect their countries against a missile attack from the USA.

For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union at a high level international platform a high-ranking military official proposed to create a military-political anti-American bloc.

And perhaps for now it was mentioned quite briefly and strictly speaking, it was only about anti-missile defense, but we should not harbor any illusions, I actually think Americans have no illusions, this is only the first bird, the first step to forming a full-fledged anti-American anti-Western military-political and military-strategic Alliance in Eurasia.

Against this background, of course particular importance should be given to the recent decision of President Putin to withdraw his veto on the deliveries of Russian S-300 systems to Iran, and I will remind you, these are Russian systems of anti-aircraft defense. 

In 2007 we signed a contract for their delivery, then President Medvedev, wanting to please his American partners, vetoed the deliveries of S-300 anti-aircraft systems and now Putin overturned the ban. 

Information has already appeared that in the current year a contract will be executed and may be even in larger volumes and may be even for more modernized equipment, but at least in this area our cooperation is resumed.

To be clear what these S-300 systems are, despite the fact that they are no longer manufactured in Russia, because they are morally obsolete for us.

To understand how efficient those old systems are, it is enough to remember what Putin said live about the contract with Syria for the supply of these S-300 systems, the Israeli partners, and most likely the President of Israel, who repeatedly communicated with Putin on this issue, and the Israeli media actively covered this subject, so the Israeli president told the Russian president – think about what you are doing, if you deliver these systems to them! (Israel is in the range zone, Syria and Israel are close, and therefore the systems located in Syria can also cover Israel.) So the Israeli President said – what are you doing, not a single plane will be able to take off! 

And if we talk about the new modifications it is clear that they will be even more effective. 

As for China, which is intended to become the third member of this military-political Alliance, we already have a signed contract on the delivery of the new generation S-400 systems, which have even better characteristics, with a range of 400 km can hit air targets, and also the heads of ballistic missiles have a speed of 5 km per second, ie operational tactical missiles, mid-range missiles also fall under the impact of these new systems.

I must say that the very idea that America will be destroyed by its arrogance, and as a result of that American arrogance and permissiveness which has become the signature style of American policy after the collapse of the USSR  sooner or later the rest of the population of the planet will rise up against the Americans, against the West – this idea is not new.

The first signs were seen in Russia back in 1998, when Yevgeny Primakov, who was then Prime Minister, said that there is a need to create a strategic triangle – Moscow, Beijing, Delhi.

Then this idea somehow sounded in different ways and after 17 years it began to shape its visible form in the incarnation even more dangerous to the West, because Iran, in its zone of responsibility, in its region, is a key geopolitical player. Geographically it is situated in a way that allows it to control the Near East and the Middle East, the exit to the Indian ocean and the fact that Iranians were the first to offer to create such a Union is certainly telling.

Another thing is that we should not hope that this alliance will be created tomorrow.

But the start is given, the longest journey begins with the first step and that first step has been made. 

Speaking of our liberals, they became very concerned about this and as a habit started to muddy the water.

In particular one of the directions of this liberal-democratic propaganda is the idea that Russia can never form a union neither with China nor with Iran, because we are very different countries, we have very different history, and we often fought with each other. The Chinese will lie to us and the Persians will lie as well.

Moreover, all these liberals are forgetting one thing – history. When the Soviet Union has entered into a strategic military union with America and England, did they share ideology, culture, did they love each other? They didn’t have contradictions?

Do not make me laugh, political alliances are created when there are shared interests and shared goals and when these shared interests and goals are so great that the always constant disagreements, disputes and contradictions fade before their greatness.

Americans, with their mad policy of a world dictate, they have created an environment themselves where any contradictions between Russia, Iran and China pale in comparison to the mortal danger which the rotting decaying West represents for all mankind. 

It is a rotting corpse of the once Christian civilization. 

I must say that the improvement of our relations with Iran is quite fitting into the policies followed by the Kremlin in recent years, but really it is a concept of President Putin. He’s responsible for it, he directs it and most likely is its main ideologue.

And it comprises the following, as much as we can judge from aside: 

God gave Russia such a gigantic vast territory that it occupies the heartland of the huge Eurasian continent. 

The periphery of Eurasia is controlled by the five great super-ethnos, from West to East: Arabs, Turks, Persians, Indians and Chinese.

Each of this super-ethnos has thousands-year long history, they built their great Empires, controlled huge expanses,  and are now are under the attack from the West.

And among these five, Egypt represents Arabs as the strongest state in the region.

Turks – are Turkey, the fragment of the Ottoman Empire, possessing serious geopolitical ambitions, and very unhappy with Washington’s treatment, or the fact that the EU keeps Turkey for 30 years as some poor beggar in the hallway of the European Union and constantly blaming it for human rights violations, saying – we can’t accept you into the EU.

As for the Hindus, with them we have traditionally had good relations.

With China all is well, as well as with the Persians.

And so it turns out that willingly or unwillingly, but a Union is forming on the Eurasian super continent based on the common interests of the five great owners of this continent, the five Nations, which are actually in control of all of Eurasia.

Opposed to it (Eurasia) is only one little rotten Western Europe which in itself can do nothing, but has a powerful support from across the ocean, and due to historical inertia continues to consider itself a leading world civilization. 

It seems to me that the words of the Minister of Defense of Iran, which were spoken at the recent Moscow conference on International Security, are the first words of a eulogy to the self-righteous, hypocritical, deceitful and aggressive West. 

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